Charity s Gambit

Charity s Gambit Author Marcy Stewart
ISBN-10 9781610849982
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Since her father’s disappearance, Charity Abercrombie has become responsible for her family’s welfare. When Charity is offered a London season, she reluctantly decides to accept, but a surprise encounter with a Spanish stranger shakes her resolve. Who is Dominic Castille, and why does he appear in the most unlikely places? Charity’s heart returns repeatedly to the mysterious captain and his dangerous secrets. Regency Romance by Marcy Stewart; originally published by Zebra

Chess for Winter Evenings

Chess for Winter Evenings Author
ISBN-10 KBNL:KBNL03000044240
Release 1848
Pages 509
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Chess for Winter Evenings has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chess for Winter Evenings also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chess for Winter Evenings book for free.


Gambit Author Karna Small Bodman
ISBN-10 1429926023
Release 2008-02-05
Pages 304
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Karna Small Bodman's first thriller, Checkmate, was praised for its compelling authenticity and page-turning plot. Now Bodman, a former director of the National Security Council, returns with another gripping thriller that reads like tomorrow's headlines. American planes are being shot out of the sky, and no one knows how or why. Three commercial jets have gone up in flames. In each crash, nobody reported seeing anything in the sky and nothing showed up on the radar. No planes. No missiles. Dr. Cameron Talbot, a world-famous expert on missile-defense systems, believes that a new stealth technology is being used in these attacks. With the country in a panic and the economy taking a nosedive, the White House orders the beautiful young scientist to protect America's endangered airways. The assignment places Cammy in mortal jeopardy as she finds herself stalked by nameless assassins. Who is behind the threat? Islamic jihadists? The big drug cartels? None of the usual suspects have claimed responsibility for the crashes. As Cammy races against time to develop a defense against the mystery weapon, she comes to suspect that the downed planes are only the opening gambit in an ambitious campaign of conquest that could change the world's balance of power forever. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Chess for winter evenings containing the rudiments of the game also a series of chess tales the whole extracted and tr by H R Agnel

Chess for winter evenings  containing the rudiments of the game  also a series of chess tales  the whole extracted and tr  by H R  Agnel Author Chess
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590224202
Release 1848
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Chess for winter evenings containing the rudiments of the game also a series of chess tales the whole extracted and tr by H R Agnel has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chess for winter evenings containing the rudiments of the game also a series of chess tales the whole extracted and tr by H R Agnel also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chess for winter evenings containing the rudiments of the game also a series of chess tales the whole extracted and tr by H R Agnel book for free.

The Turncoat s Gambit

The Turncoat s Gambit Author Andrea Cremer
ISBN-10 9780698175143
Release 2016-11-15
Pages 336
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What if America had lost the Revolutionary War? And now lived in constant fear and oppression? From the bestselling author of Nightshade, this is the action-packed final chapter of The Inventor's Secret trilogy Charlotte has spent her whole life fighting the British Empire, following in the footsteps of her parents and their group of rebels. But when her reunion with her mother laid bare horrible truths about the rebellion, Charlotte knew she had to escape. Now she is on the run, with no idea who the enemy is--or which of her compatriots is truly on her side. In this action-packed conclusion to the Inventor's Secret trilogy, full of swashbuckling pirates and young ladies who can hold their own against them, Charlotte will need to fight for her life and for her beliefs -- whatever they might be. Praise for The Turncoat's Gambit: "As in the previous two volumes, there is plenty of fighting and chicanery, but one of the best things about this series is that the characters are never sacrificed on the altar of action. . . . Series readers will especially relish the last several chapters. Yes, there is fighting and death, but restoration and romance win the day."--Booklist Praise for The Conjurer's Riddle: "This is classic steampunk [with] exotic and picturesque locales, lots of interesting machinery, and the adrenaline rush of following the adventures of an honest and fearless heroine. A suitably swashbuckling sequel."--Kirkus Reviews Praise for The Inventor's Secret: * "Cremer...creates an inventive blend of steampunk and alternative history in this new series. She gives readers a fantastical world with mechanical wonders and an opulent vintage setting. The characters are interesting and well developed. Readers will be drawn to future installments."--VOYA, starred review "[A]n entertaining romp in a richly imaginative setting."--Kirkus Reviews From the Hardcover edition.

T rkisches Gambit

T  rkisches Gambit Author Boris Akunin
ISBN-10 9783841201553
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 245
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"Boris Akunin ist ein kriminell guter Schriftsteller neuen Typs. Die Liebhaber gebildeter Unterhaltung haben ihren Autor gefunden." FAZ 1877: Rußland steht mit der Türkei im Krieg. Alleinreisende Frauen leben gefährlich in dieser Zeit, noch dazu wenn sie in Männerkleidern unterwegs sind wie die hübsche Warja. Doch in höchster Not taucht ein Fremder auf, ein Gentleman, auch wenn er die Stirn hat, das Mädchen in einer Wette gegen einen Esel zu setzen: Erast Fandorin. Der schweigsame junge Mann ist im Auftrag des russischen Geheimdienstes nach Bulgarien zum Generalstab unterwegs. Warja wird zur unentbehrlichen Helferin Fandorins in diesem zweiten Abenteuer einer Kultserie um den James Bond des 19. Jahrhunderts - erdacht und aufgeschrieben von Boris Akunin, einem der meistgelesenen Autoren Rußlands. "Nein, Gogol hat nie am zweiten Teil der ,Toten Seelen' gearbeitet. Er hat Krimis um Erast Fandorin geschrieben, die erst jetzt unter dem Namen B. Akunin erscheinen. Wenn's wahr wäre - Fandorin wäre der russische Urahn von James Bond. Prekrasno - super!" Klaus Peter Walter, Lexikon der Kriminalliteratur

Poseidon s Gambit

Poseidon s Gambit Author Keith Braun
ISBN-10 9781460251874
Release 2014-11-25
Pages 352
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The assembled crew from Napoleon’s Gold is called to an encore performance. While the fragile Peace of Amiens still holds, it is become clear that the French and Dutch in the East Indies are using the great Dutch base at Batavia to supply and encourage pirates and privateers to molest and sink British shipping in the North Java Sea and Straits of Singapore. Once again Sir Phillip Hollis is entreated to embark his private warships on a covert mission to accomplish what the Government fears to do using the Royal Navy, lest Napoleon exploit it as a cause to resume the war. Phillip, engaged in preparations for his wedding, is at first less than enthused, yet the lure of an epic adventure, along with the prospect of financial advantage, is hard to resist. Accosted from the start by assassins, vandals, French frigates and pirates on the high seas, not to mention the Burmese navy, and most pressing of all, a determined young wife, Phillip is beset on all sides in trying to satisfy both military, political, financial, and domestic agendas. Adventure, humour, and romance mingle to the sound of naval cannon and whispered intrigue.

Baltic Gambit

Baltic Gambit Author E.E. Knight
ISBN-10 9781101637951
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 288
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In his latest Vampire Earth novel, national bestselling author E.E. Knight delivers a thrilling adventure when David Valentine’s loyal Lieutenant Alessa Duvalier disobeys his orders—and finds herself uncovering a betrayal… While out scouting in southern Indiana, Alessa Duvalier comes across a Kurian Conference being attended by every major military sect the Kurians have in the Midwest. Taking advantage of the strategic opportunity to cripple their enemy, Alessa and her warriors strike and achieve victory—only to discover an even greater threat to humanity. Most of the world’s resistance leaders and the Lifeweavers are gathering for a peace conference in Helsinki, Finland, and according to the intelligence materials Alessa recovered during her raid, the Kurians have already inserted an agent among the delegates. David Valentine is chosen to be head of security for the Army of Kentucky representatives—and Alessa ignores his order to stay behind. Now, thrust into a lethal intrigue that threatens the entire peace process, she learns that the Kurian agent may be the least of her concerns. For the Lifeweavers themselves are about to reveal something that will devastate the Resistance...

Faulkner s Gambit

Faulkner   s Gambit Author M. Wainwright
ISBN-10 9781137015983
Release 2011-12-14
Pages 222
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This book offers the first full-length study of the chess structures, motifs, and imagery in William Faulkner's Knight's Gambit . Wainwright looks at the importance of chess as a literary device and examines the structural analogy drawn between the game and linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure.

Timber s Gambit

Timber s Gambit Author Alisha M. Risen-Kent
ISBN-10 9781483518251
Release 2013-10-03
Pages 152
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Young Timber is a grey wolf born into the largest pack in North America. Growing up as son to the great alpha, Zeus, he has the respect of the entire pack. However, after he causes a much needed hunt to fail, Zeus convinces him to find a pack of his own. Facing mountain lions, rival wolf packs, humans, and a bullying coyote, Timber treks out across an unforgiving wilderness in search of the companionship and protection of a pack of his own. Find out what happens when his journey leads him into forbidden territory and humans come hunting for wolves! The Nature’s Guardians series is a collection of novels told from the perspective of animals. From childhood to adulthood, follow along on their struggles for life in a harsh and competitive world. This series highlights the real-life struggles that wildlife face as humans further encroach on their habitats. By seeing nature through the eyes of animals, may we all have a better understanding of what it means to be born wild and free. The end of each book has a section dedicated to conservation efforts and information on where and how you can help.


Gambit Author Karl Sewart
ISBN-10 9783863944421
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 308
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Ungewöhnliches geschieht da in der Titelerzählung dieses Bandes: Ein Vater versteckt seinen Sohn gegen dessen Willen in den letzten Kriegstagen in den Wäldern, um ihn vor dem Zugriff des nahenden Krieges zu retten, und der Sohn hasst deshalb seinen Vater. Gambit - das Figurenopfer im Schachspiel - wird zu einem Symbol für diese erregenden Tage, denn der Vater muss die Versäumnisse seines bisherigen Lebens mit dem Tod bezahlen. Aber das Opfer war nicht umsonst, denn der Sohn beginnt zu fragen, nach den Leuten, die ihnen das Essen herausstellten und damit nach seiner Zukunft. Diese Erzählung hat die DEFA 1978 unter dem Titel „Ich zwing dich zu leben“ verfilmt (Regisseur Ralf Kirsten). Auch in den beiden anderen Geschichten dieses Bandes geht es um das Problem der Erziehung und Selbsterziehung, freilich unter nunmehr neuen gesellschaftlichen Gegebenheiten. So gewinnt ein Heimkehrer Vertrauen zu sich und zu seiner Welt, weil es ihm gelingt, das Vertrauen eines Kindes zu gewinnen. Und das Kind befreit sich vom Albdruck böser Erfahrungen. Mitten in der DDR-Zeit spielt die dritte Erzählung, in der die Kündigung einer Lehrerin zum Anlass für Überlegungen und Handlungen wird, die die schwierige Aufgabe des Lehrers heute bestimmen. Das Fernsehen der DDR brachte hierzu 1983 den viel diskutierten Film „Die Kündigung“ heraus (Regisseur Edgar Kaufmann). Karl Sewart erweist sich in diesem Band als ein erstaunlich reifer, psychologisch eindringlicher Erzähler, der künstlerisch originelle und zwingende Lösungen zu finden weiß und vor allem: Er hat Geschichten zu erzählen, die uns bewegen und verändern können. INHALT: Gambit Heimkehr eines Rades Die Kündigung

Cat s Gambit

Cat s Gambit Author Leslie Gadallah
ISBN-10 9781988274232
Release 2017-04-01
Pages 340
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Book 2 of The Empire of Kaz, Leslie Gadallah’s fascinating alien political intrigue. Orian has been overrun by the Kaz, who are bent on exterminating the Oriani. A few Oriani have escaped and struggle to eke out an existence on alien worlds. Ayyah thinks she has found a way to get them back home where they can thrive. She recruits a couple of human pirates and a few Lleveci warriors to aid her in the task, but no one involved knew how much her scheme would cost.

Queen s Autumn Gambit

Queen s Autumn Gambit Author Kristen Kindoll
ISBN-10 9781300719342
Release 2013-10
Pages 652
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Carolyn Ainsworth is drawn into a twisted game of English chess, which places her in a delicate situation. Does finding out the truth about her family merit destroying all that she has known? The Queen's Gambit is a precise chess maneuver that calculates key positions upon the board. In order to play, Carolyn must accept the terms of the inheritance. The other beneficiary, Luca Caldwell is maneuvered to participate in this archaic game of alliances. Their forced partnership begins on opposite sides. As they progress, they discover mounting secrets about both of their families. What starts out in conflict, they unite with one common purpose to discover who has been manipulating them. As the autumn leaves fall from the trees, Carolyn and Luca find themselves embroiled in the mounting lies. They begin to question if they are the players or merely pieces in a greater scheme. Will the white side control the board, or will black rule the game?

TEAM X TREME Mission 4 Das Borodin Gambit

TEAM X TREME   Mission 4  Das Borodin Gambit Author Michael Peinkofer
ISBN-10 9783955205843
Release 2014-11-28
Pages 97
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Erleben Sie den fünften Band der temporeichen Jugendbuchserie von Bestsellerautor Michael Peinkofer: „TEAM X-TREME“ jetzt als eBook bei dotbooks. Der neue Fall von Team X-treme führt in die Schweizer Alpen: Ein hochbegabtes Zwillingspaar will das diesjährige Schachturnier gewinnen. Doch es besteht der Verdacht, dass der Geheimdienst die zwei Brüder entführen und für seine Zwecke missbrauchen will. Deshalb sollen die jungen Geheimagenten um Charlie, Race und Kami die Zwillinge beschützen. Aber sie haben die Rechnung ohne den brutalen Auftragsmörder Bata Clava gemacht, der ebenfalls auf die zwei Brüder angesetzt wurde ... Jetzt als eBook kaufen und genießen: „Mission 4: Das Borodin-Gambit“, der fünfte Band der Jugendbuchserie „TEAM X-TREME“ von Michael Peinkofer. Wer liest, hat mehr vom Leben: dotbooks – der eBook-Verlag.


ISBN-10 9781456878092
Release 2011-03-14
Pages 49
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The melodious thrill of the calvary charge is absent here. Only the cold impersonal movement of human chess pieces guided by ignorance and error creates scenes of devastation. And through it all anonymous heroism as men struggle to serve their respective nations and loyally do their duty. Men go to sea because they are poor and not because they are dreamers. During the Great Depression young workers thought it heaven to have a job that provided food and shelter and enabled them to save a little money. It was the foundation of the author’s engineering career. His youthful vigor found him a wife, and a college education after he left the sea.

The King s Gambit

The King s Gambit Author Tom Blenk
ISBN-10 1467867357
Release 2009-07-22
Pages 224
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Michael Mueller has waited twenty years. He is finally the right age. He is more prepared than any player in history. All he needs is an opponent. It is time to start the game. The “Kings” of New York City are dying and Michael, obsessed with Bobby Fischer and the game of chess, is killing them at specific sights on certain dates across the grid of New York City's “chess board”. The killer wants the ultimate match, in front of the biggest crowd, in the world's most renowned city. New York City Homicide Detective Paul Worton has seen it all in his thirty years on the force, but when he and his squad are sent to Carnegie Hall to solve the murder of New York City Philharmonic Director Vincent Antonelli, he may have met his “match”. This first brutal execution blossoms into a string of sensational deaths connected by one distinct clue which signals the presence of a diabolical serial killer. The stakes are enormous in the final game as New York City landmarks become killing grounds and pressure from the public, the media, and the top brass scream for the capture of the “Chess Board Killer”. In this race against time, will Worton be able to sift through the “moves” and “counter moves” and piece together enough clues to stop this psychopath, or will Mueller fulfill his dream and become the most renowned chess player of all time?

Turkish Gambit

Turkish Gambit Author Boris Akunin
ISBN-10 9780297864172
Release 2010-08-12
Pages 288
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Erast Fandorin returns in another thrilling Russian crime caper, from the bestselling author of THE WINTER QUEEN. The Russo-Turkish war is at a critical juncture, and Erast Fandorin, broken-hearted and disillusioned, has gone to the front in an attempt to forget his sorrows. But Fandorin's efforts to steer clear of trouble are thwarted when he comes to the aid of Varvara Suvorova - a 'progressive' Russian woman trying to make her way to the Russian headquarters to join her fiancé. Within days, Varvara's fiancé has been accused of treason, a Turkish victory looms on the horizon, and there are rumours of a Turkish spy hiding within their own camp. Our reluctant gentleman sleuth will need to resurrect all of his dormant powers of detection if he is to unmask the traitor, help the Russians to victory and smooth the path of young love.