The Weight Loss Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook

The Weight Loss Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook Author Tom Anderson
ISBN-10 1515388344
Release 2015-08-06
Pages 234
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SPIRALIZERS 101 - The Definitive Guide To SpiralizingWant to know how to use your new vegetable Spiralizer to make appetizing, low calorie and low carb meals for your family? Then the "Spiralizer 101" series of books is for you! With illustrated instructions, this book will answer all of your questions about spiralizers, such as:* How can I make zucchini pasta, potato lasagna, cauliflower rice, and other pasta and rice replacements from fresh vegetables?* How to use the popular brands of spiralizers (such as the Paderno, Veggetti, iPerfect, Mueller, Brieftons and others)?* What are the different shapes and sizes of spiral cuts I can make?* How to spiral cut vegetables without a spiralizer?* How to choose the right vegetables for spiralizing?* What kind of meals can I make with spiralized veggies?In addition, the book contains 101 time-tested recipes designed to satisfy your hunger for the foods you enjoyed before gluten became a problem. Who is this book for?You want to learn how to make zoodlesYou want to lose weightCompatible with Against the Grain, Wheat Belly, Inspiralized, or other popular booksYou have a Paderno spiralizer, Veggetti Spiralizer, Mueller Spiralizer, or any other brand of vegetable spiralizer or spiral slicerYou love pasta dishes, but want to eat healthyYou desire low carb pasta or veggie pasta, such as vegetable spaghetti, spiral pasta, low carb noodles, etc.Paperback version recommended for better use in the kitchen.Click the BUY button today! NO RISK GUARANTEE!Here's a preview of the 101 delicious Weight Loss recipes inside:SOUPS:Asian Pasta with BrothBlack Bean & Noodle SoupCurried Leek & Lentil SoupGreen Chile, Chicken, Squash SoupMexican Chicken Noodle SoupMexican Tomato Soup with Squash NoodlesMiso Noodle SoupPumpkin Noodle SoupRosemary Root Vegetable SoupShoyu Cabbage SoupSizzling "Rice" SoupSlow - Cooker MinestroneThai Chicken Noodle SoupTunisian Noodle SoupSIDES:Baked Potato-Veggie LatkesBaked Zucchini and Potato PancakesCurried Vegetable CouscousFrench Peasant Beets SpiralsLemon Chard PastaMediterranean Squash Stir-fryMexican SlawPerfumed Noodles with Fruit & NutsRoasted Vegetable SnacksSesame NoodlesSouthwestern Spiced Sweet Potato and Beet Spirals with Chili-Cilantro Sour CreamSpicy SlawSquash SautéVegetables with Rosemary VinaigretteMAIN DISHES:Baked Chicken Parmesan with NoodlesBaked Eggs with Spiraled JicamaBeef Paprikash with Squash NoodlesBeef PhoCabbage and Apple SautéCabbage "Spaghetti" with Turkey SauceChicken Curry with Cauliflower "Rice"Curried Chicken with PastaDrunken Clams with Sausage"Drunken Noodles" with ChickenEthiopian-Inspired Spicy Chicken StewFlorentine Potato Pasta CasseroleFunky Low Fat Chicken With Sesame NoodlesGreek Lamb PastaGreek Lamb with Riced CauliflowerHalf Hour FajitasLight Chicken Veggie AlfredoPasta & Turkey/Chia Seed MeatballsPasta Cajun StylePasta e FagiloPasta PuttanescaPasta with Anchovy SaucePasta with Charred Tomato SaucePasta with ClamsPesto Zucchini Pasta with SausagePizza PastaPorcini and Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine Sauce and Potato LinguiniQuick and Easy Pasta ArrabiataQuick and Easy Pasta with Lemon & RicottaRed Wine-Braised Short Ribs with Roasted TurnipsRosemary Pork Ragout with Sweet Potato PastaSecret Ingredient Beef StewSlow Cooker Zucchini Pasta With Eggplant SauceSmoked Salmon Pasta with Lemon & DillSpicy Shrimp with Vegetable Noodles and Baby SpinachSquash and Zucchini Pasta with Prosciutto, Snap Peas, and MintSquash Noodles with Tomatoes and Turkey BaconSweet Potato Pasta with Asparagus and Turkey BaconTomato-Bacon Squash PastaTurkey PhoTurkey Pie with Spaghetti CrustTurkey Ragu and Potato Pasta BakeVegetable Mock-Fried "Rice"Veggie Pasta with Turkey Bacon and Swiss ChardZucchini Pasta Ala CheccaClick the BUY button today! NO RISK GUARANTEE!

The Complete Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook

The Complete Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook Author J. S. Amie
ISBN-10 1505593506
Release 2014-12-16
Pages 106
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Finally available in paperback, this is Amazon #1 Best Seller J.S. Amie's third book featuring Spiralizer recipes for those of us who want to live healthier and skinnier! THE COMPLETE VEGETABLE SPIRALIZER COOKBOOK explores new flavors with delicious spiralizer recipes inspired by the world's most popular pasta and noodle dishes...but prepared without wheat or gluten! In this book, you will learn: - how to use the Paderno, Veggetti, and Julienne Slicers to make Spiralized meals - how to pick the best vegetables and fruits for spiralizing - how to choose the right spiralizer tools - how to spiralize like a pro! OUR MOST POPULAR AND DELICIOUS RECIPES in the book, PLUS OVER 200 MORE FREE SPIRALIZER RECIPES in digital format. The recipes are presented in a beautiful, easy-to-read design so you can lay the book flat on your countertop and easily prepare your meal. All recipes include full nutritional values so you can plan according to your dietary needs. Many recipes have full color professional photography available, either in the book or in the included digital content. Recipes include: - Soups -Salads -Sides -Entrees -Desserts BONUSES - Gluten Free, Paleo, and Weight Loss Pantries - Vegetable Chart - Tool Chart

The Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook

The Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook Author Laura Moore
ISBN-10 150321009X
Release 2014-11-12
Pages 210
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The spiralizer cooking revolution has began! The Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook looks to redefine spiralized cooking with inspirational meals that are everlastingly healthy and delicious. With over 100 spiralized recipes, you will be taken by these specially created nutritious and tasty meals. The book is also beginner friendly and consists of straightforward guidelines and easy-to-follow instructions to kick-start your exciting spiralized cooking adventure. Readers are assured that the choice of ingredients used in these recipes were carefully chosen, based on a healthy gluten-free diet. Therefore, only the healthiest carbs, proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables are used in order to ensure that you are eating for a healthy advantage. The recipes are suitable for the following meals: * Recipes for the Paderno, Veggetti or other Vegetable Spiralizers * Vegetable Pasta or Spaghetti Recipes * Paleo Spiralizer Recipes * Healthy Recipes Using Spiralized Vegetables * Weight Loss Spiralizer Recipes * Grain Free Spiralizer Recipes * Gluten Free Spiralizer Recipes * Wheat Free Spiralizer Recipes * Low Calorie Spiralizer Recipes * Low Carb Spiralizer Recipes * Low Fat Recipes

My Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer Recipe Book

My Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer Recipe Book Author J. S. Amie
ISBN-10 1500746339
Release 2014-08-07
Pages 104
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Edition 2 On Sale Until May 31! Thank you for your feedback! We have incorporated your ideas and suggestions in the current edition! Now that you've purchased a Paderno Spiralizer, this book will teach you how to use it like a pro! My Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer Recipe Book is volume 2 of Amazon's original, and most comprehensive Spiralizer cookbook series. It contains detailed instructions showing how to use all popular spiralizers (Veggetti, Paderno, and Julienne Mandolines). If you own a vegetable Spiralizer, then this book will inspire you to create healthy meals that are tasty and popular with your family and friends. In "My Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer Recipe Book" you will learn:+ How to use the Veggetti and Paderno-style Spiralizers+ How to make Zucchini Noodles (Zoodles)+ Detailed tips and tricks to spiralize vegetables like a pro+ How to pick the best vegetables for spiralizing+ How to make a variety of noodles and even spiralized "rice" Recipes Include+ Gluten Free, Paleo, and Weight Loss "Pastas"+ A variety of meats and vegetarian spiralized dishes+ Main dishes, sides, salads, soups and desserts This book also comes with:+ Free downloadable printable recipes with full color photos+ A downloadable full color QuickStart guide+ Access to free pre-release versions of upcoming books! Get it Today!

Spiralizer Recipe Book

Spiralizer Recipe Book Author Laura Hill
ISBN-10 1512108308
Release 2015-05-08
Pages 108
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Spiralizer Recipe Book: Ultimate Beginners guide to Vegetable Pasta Spiralizer: Top Spiralizer Recipes For Weight loss, Gluten-free, Paleo, Low Carb & Holiday to Help You Lose Weight & Feel great- for Paderno, Veggetti & Spaghetti Shredders! Spiralizing is one of the best ways to incorporate vegetables in your diet. Moreover, the fun spaghetti like texture of these vegetables actually makes them better to eat as compared to the normal, dough pasta. Spiralizing vegetables is considered an art form and in many cases, it can be hard to achieve the right consistency. Moreover, you can use them in plenty of creative ways which can allow you to eat healthier versions of your favorite dishes. The book is also beginner friendly and consists of straightforward guidelines and easy-to-follow instructions to kick-start your exciting spiralized cooking adventure. This is What you'll Discover in This Spiralizer Recipe Book: 7 Ways to Make Quick & Easy Meals with a Spiralizer Top 7 Gluten Free Recipes Top 7 Delectable Paleo Recipes Top 7 Mouthwatering Low-Carb Recipes 7 Ultimate Weight Loss Recipes And many other recipes too that focus on different things. Apart from these recipes, you can also discover how to use the Spiralizer efficiently like a pro. Some Delicious Vegetable Spiralizer Recipes You Can Start Making Now: Creamy Cheese Sauce with Beet Veggettie World Best Cucumber Salad with Garlic Tahini Sauce Mouthwatering Zucchini Noodles with Scallops & Bacon Delicious Egg Soup with Scallion, Ginger and Zucchini Veggettie Sweet Potato Noodles with Shaved Asparagus and Sausage Bits Uh-mazing Zucchini Noodle Wrap with Feta Cheese and Avocado ... And So Much More This Healthy and delicious Spiralizer recipes all list nutritional information & have all the nutritional features of : Low fat Low sugar Low calorie High fiber Cut out calories, unhealthy eating habits with the help of this Book. You can also find out more recipes which allow you to make good use of your spiralized veggetti in creative ways. Before long, you will be able to incorporate it into your meals on a regular basis! So Start Spiralizing your way to better health, Ideal weight, boundless energy & vitality, a healthy long life and a beautiful YOU! Scroll up to the top of the page and GET YOUR NOW before the Price Goes Up to see immediate benefits!

Spiralizer Cookbook

Spiralizer Cookbook Author Karen Greenvang
ISBN-10 9781537867250
Release 2017-07-28
Pages 38
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Irresistibly Good & Super Easy 100% VEGAN Spiralizer Recipes to Save Your Time, Lose Weight & Get Healthy! Tasty insider techniques from the best European vegan chefs for awesome and nutritious 100% plant-based spiralizer recipes everyone will love! We know how difficult it is to stick to a healthy lifestyle, especially when you want to keep it vegan and are new to it…Not to mention that you simply don’t have enough time to slave away in the kitchen. On top of that you want to create vegan meals that are tasty, original and visually appealing.. But don’t worry because with this vegan spiralizer cookbook we got you fully covered! Just follow the steps in the recipes and become the best amateur vegan chef in town! Create amazingly tasty and healthy fully vegan recipes and have everyone love you for it!

The Hearty Spiralizer Cookbook

The Hearty Spiralizer Cookbook Author Peach Moore
ISBN-10 PKEY:6610000040056
Release 2016-02-17
Pages 184
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Spiralize Your Way To A Healthier Diet! This book "The Hearty Spiralizer Cookbook" is filled with helpful information, techniques and tips on spiralizing. It also contains recipes for meal preparations using the spiralizer, that wonderful kitchen device that changes all kinds of veggies and fruits into many healthy meals while preserving the valuable nutrients and natural enzymes they contain. With this book in your hands and the spiralizer in your kitchen, you can now prepare healthy and deliciously crisp noodles, pastas, ribbons, rice and curls. You will discover the simple and creative ways of transforming wholesome vegetables and fruits into lovely meals within a couple of minutes. There are over 100 instructive recipes in this book on how to prepare nutritionally rich meals. Additionally, each recipe lists its health benefits. This way, those who subscribe to certain dietary preferences such as paleo, low carb, gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian can rest assured knowing they are eating healthy while pleasing their palate in the process. For those who find it difficult to incorporate vegetables in their diet, spiralizing is for you. Once spiralized, vegetables assume a pasta-like or noodle texture and consistency. Your taste bud can’t tell the difference but your body can! Within a few months, your waistline will soon let you know just how healthy you have been eating by consuming more vegetables in their noodle form. This innovative gadget is just perfect for everyone who desires to eat healthy. Besides its assortment of vegetable spiralizer recipes, this cookbook provides a step by step guide on how to use a spiralizer, how to spiralize certain vegetables, what and what not to spiralize and a whole lot of other valuable information. It is time to say goodbye to hours of spicing, chopping and dicing vegetables. Instead, simply place your preferred blade and vegetable in the spiralizer, turn the handle clockwise and your crisp vegetables is ready to eat on its own or mixed into soups, pasta dishes, salads, desserts, entrées and breakfast meals. So What Are You Waiting For, Get Your Copy Now!

Spiralizer Skinny

Spiralizer Skinny Author Vicky Ushakova
ISBN-10 9781250155368
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 176
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Change the way you think about dieting with Spiralizer Skinny. This book explores all of the weight-loss benefits and nutrition of going low-carb, and each recipe uses the spiralizing method to offer wholesome recipes that change how it feels to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. These incredible, easy-to-make meals--from Lasagna Rosettes to Drunken Parsnip Noodles with Steak--use the freshest of ingredients, letting you lose weight without the hassle and disappointment that comes with the latest diet fads. Find out just how easy it is to savor unbelievable, beautiful meals that make you feel great! · Lose weight and forget carbs without the pain of dieting · Feel healthy and great with easy-to-follow, tasty recipes · Rejuvenate your health with incredible spiralized meals!

The Spiralizer Recipe Book

The Spiralizer Recipe Book Author Paula Greenspan
ISBN-10 1511504080
Release 2015-03-28
Pages 158
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Tasty Spiralized Goodness! Author, Paula Greenspan is a spiralizer foodie who loves healthy cooking. Her real spiralized cooking motivation began when she started to recreate her own pasta recipes to make healthy and weight loss friendly spiralizer recipes. The results were more than encouraging, to say the least. It turned out to be so rewarding and she now shares her best recipes with spiralizer owners like herself who want healthier choices. Now you can truly enjoy the benefits of weight loss and optimum health. The recipes cater for the best of both worlds-weight loss and good health. Interestingly, in Paula's new cookbook, "cook low fat and low carb without compromising on the taste" is her motto. As a result, it is with much delight that she shares her own style of delectable and healthy dishes for the spiralizer. So whether you're looking for tasty spiralizer recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you'll certainly find some interesting meals. Enjoy healthy spiralizer dishes-the tasty way!

My CUISIQUE Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook

My CUISIQUE Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook Author J. Amie
ISBN-10 1519785054
Release 2015-12-09
Pages 282
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101 Popular and Easy-to-Make Spiralizer Recipes for Your New Cuisique Spiralizer! Learn how to turn courgettes into zoodles, cauliflower into rice, squash into pasta strands, sweet potatoes into delicious ribbons, and many other vegetables into the most delicious pastas, soups, main dishes and desserts you can imagine! This is the fifth book from #1 Best Selling author J.S. Amie's Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook series. Her spiralizer books were the first on the market, and they're still the best! Why? Because the recipes are tried, tested, and mouthwateringly delicious! Here's a preview of what's inside... A Full Range of Dishes: * Soups * Salads * Main Dishes * Sides * Desserts Comprehensive Instructions: * How to use your Cuisique spiralizer * How to choose the right vegetables for spiralizing * Pro tips for perfect spiralized foods Special Diets: * Gluten-Free * Paleo * Low-Carb / Weight Loss * Vegetarian / Vegan * (and omnivore too!) The book also comes with a handy Quick Start Guide which will get you spiralizing in no time! Full Color Photos available online. Spiralschneider, Gemüseschneider, gemuse spiralizer. Get your copy today! Click the "add to cart" button and buy RISK FREE. (FREE SHIPPING for Amazon Prime members)

The New Spiralizer Cookbook

The New Spiralizer Cookbook Author Paula Corey
ISBN-10 PKEY:6610000042593
Release 2015-07-06
Pages 113
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Redefine healthy cooking by adding spiralized vegetables and fruits to your meals -breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They are Paleo, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free And Dairy Free. While the ingredients in this book's recipes can be enjoyed by all, they have been chosen carefully for those who are on Paleo, Gluten Free and Dairy-Free Diets. With 75 delicious and healthy spiralized recipes, you will never run out of excitement in your kitchen. Each meal can be easily transformed into a beautiful and nutritious culinary delight. Add spiralized veggies to a meal and you have automatically created a nutritious dish. No longer do you have to make a side salad or put pressure on your kids to eat vegetables. Your family will eat nutritious food willingly and life will be easier for you. Put your spiralizer to work and have fun making healthy and exciting dishes. Basic step-by-step instructions are provided for using a spiralizer. So if you've just bought one, there is nothing to fear. Make pasta, noodles and spaghetti of all shapes, colors and sizes. No more spending endless hours, slicing or cutting vegetables. Just choose the desired blade type, mount your veggies and start cranking the handle. Here's A Quick Look At The Recipes In This Book: Tuna Zucchini Noodles With Smoked Paprika Zesty Garlic-Shrimp With Zoodles And Spinach Broccoli-Carrot Slaw With Sunflower Seeds And Dried Cranberries Eggplant Pasta Bolognaise Butternut Squash Spaghetti With Pomegranate Orange Sauce Sweet Potato Noodle With Green Curry Sweet Potato Spaghetti With Kale Sauce Carrot Spaghetti With Creamy Garlic Sauce Zesty Carrot Noodles with Ginger Almond Sauce Yellow Squash Pad Thai And much more!

Spiralizer Cookbook

Spiralizer Cookbook Author Heviz's
ISBN-10 1537603310
Release 2016-09-11
Pages 222
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Spiralized veggies are naturally low calorie, low carb, low sugar, high fibre and unprocessed. These are some of the most critical elements of weight loss. The high fibre and water content of veggies also promotes that feeling of fullness that is so important in not starving yourself! Spiralizing should be a lifestyle, not a diet - but you can certainly use spiralized foods to significantly reduce your calorie and carb intake. It is extremely important to consume carbohydrates as they play a significant role in our bodily functions and health - but consuming the right kind of carbohydrates is imperative. It is not necessary to consumer carbs in the form of breads or pasta - in fact, I highly recommend spiralized sweet potatoes as one of the highest carbohydrate vegetables. Make it easier to eat more and weigh less by spiralizing.

The Spiralizer Recipe Cookbook

The Spiralizer Recipe Cookbook Author Katey Goodrich
ISBN-10 1501064967
Release 2014-09-04
Pages 48
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The Spiralizer Cookbook - Over 30 Spiralizer Recipes For The Spiralizer - Healthy, Delicious Spiral Cutter Recipes For The Paderno Spiralizer At last a cookbook loaded with over 30 spiralizer recipes that you can make with your Paderno Spiralizer or regular vegetable spiral slicer. My name is Katey Goodrich and I wrote the spiralizer cookbook because like you I purchased the best kitchen tool ever, the Paderno Spiralizer but couldn't find a cookbook with recipes for it. Having already published 55 Superfoods on Kindle I decided to stop complaining and write one that I could share with you and others, and here it is. This is only the first in a series that will cover many diets and cooking topics that the spiralizer is perfect for. And yes! It has plenty of zucchini noodle recipes as well. I have included helpful tips and advice on cleaning, maintaining and using the spiralizer as well as over 30 starter recipes to get you going. The recipes are good for hand held spiral cutters as well. Included are spiralizing tips and advice for many fruits and vegetables including, Apples, Beets, Butternut squash, Cabbage, Carrots, Celeriac, Cucumbers, Daikon , Eggplants, Jicama , Kohlrabi, Onions, Parsnips, Pears, Plantain, Potatoes, Squash (yellow, summer, Mexican), Radishes, Sweet potato, Turnips, Yams and Zucchinis. I have also included advice on how to prepare the vegetables for spiralizing and cooking, and which blade to use for each dish. You will never be lacking for choice again where it comes to finding a tasty, nourishing vegetable spiralizer based meal again, or spend hours trolling through the internet searching for a recipe to suit your tastes. The Spiralizer Cookbook has over 30 delicious, healthy and easy to prepare spiralizer recipes to start you off with. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that you and your family will enjoy every week. In no time at all you'll be a spiral slicer wiz and with my spiralizer cooking and preparation tips and advice you'll soon be creating your own versions of popular spiral cutter recipes. The Spiralizer Recipe Book is perfect if you watching your weight or intending to lose some weight, most of the recipes are diet conscious and because of this fantastic little kitchen tools unique abilities traditional recipes have had their fat content and calories reduced dramatically, but are still delicious and satisfying. The spiraliser cookbook has recipes that are suitable for people on special diets such as, Vegetarian, Paleo, Wheat free, Low-carb, Vegan, Weight loss, gluten free, low gi, raw food, diabetes and heart healthy. But that doesn't mean you get to eat just a carrot or starve yourself, every recipe was carefully chosen as a perennial family favorite and adapted for the spiralizer, making them healthier, more nutritious, but still loaded with taste and many would say even better tasting than the original. Are you inspired? Or should I say Inspiralized! Then let's get Spiralizing.


Spiralizer Author Emma Katie
ISBN-10 1544981686
Release 2017-03-29
Pages 190
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Spiralizer Cookbook TODAY SPECIAL PRICE - 365 Days of Spiralizer Recipes (Limited Time Offer) Over Hundreds of Mouth Watering Spiralizer Recipes with Easy-to-Follow Directions! Not everyone is a big fan of vegetables. The major issue with them is difficulties in prepping or chopping the vegetables. Or some people find them not so appealing. So here comes a spiral vegetable slicer or a spiralizer that makes it far easier to beautifully spiralize your vegetables making them easier to slice and appealing to eyes. There are many brands of spiralizers in the market to choose from. Each comes with its own functions and usability. It's a lightweight kitchen tool with three major parts; collection bowl, middle part that contains the blades and the top lid with a handle attached. All these parts are made up of plastic except the blades. Mainly there are two types of spiralizers; handheld and countertop. Further, they come with different number of blades. Handheld are easy on budget but heavy on elbow grease whereas countertop are easier and quicker to use but a little bit pricier. The choice is yours. This book consists of 365 recipes that use vegetable noodles or ribbons. To make it more interesting the book offers different combinations of vegetables with meat, seafood and poultry. You will also find plentiful recipes of soups and salads. Wait No More! Grab 365 Spiralizer Recipes Cookbook TODAY, and start enjoying cooking again!

The Spiralizer Cookbook

The Spiralizer Cookbook Author Carolyn Humphries
ISBN-10 9781472137401
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 192
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Spiralizing is essentially the art of turning vegetables and fruits into noodles. Spiralized vegetables provide low-carb alternatives to pasta or rice and, therefore, useful for diabetic and weight-reducing diets. But they are much more: they add variety and colour to a healthy balanced diet, together with plenty of nutrients. This book provides innovative but reliable and accessible recipes that will get the best out of your spiralizer, including many international flavours.

Spiralizer 60 Veggie Spiralizer Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Spiralizer  60 Veggie Spiralizer Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Fast Author Kristi Cooper
ISBN-10 9781365201868
Release 2016-06-18
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Whether you're gluten-free, Paleo, or simply looking to eat healthier meals, you know this for certain: Carbs are out and vegetables are in. This trusty spiralizer cookbook will make it easier than ever to prep a

Spiralizer Cookbook 100 Veggie Friendly Spiralizer from Sweet Potato Cucumber and Vegan

Spiralizer Cookbook  100 Veggie Friendly Spiralizer from Sweet Potato  Cucumber and Vegan Author Heviz's
ISBN-10 1520128622
Release 2016-12-12
Pages 221
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Spiralized veggies are naturally low calorie, low carb, low sugar, high fibre and unprocessed. These are some of the most critical elements of weight loss. The high fibre and water content of veggies also promotes that feeling of fullness that is so important in not starving yourself! Spiralizing should be a lifestyle, not a diet - but you can certainly use Spiralized foods to significantly reduce your calorie and carb intake. It is extremely important to consume carbohydrates as they play a significant role in our bodily functions and health - but consuming the right kind of carbohydrates is imperative. It is not necessary to consumer carbs in the form of breads or pasta - in fact, I highly recommend spiralized sweet potatoes as one of the highest carbohydrate vegetables. Make it easier to eat more and weigh less by spiralizing.