The Story of Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 9780451479020
Release 1977-06-30
Pages 72
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A true classic with a timeless message! All the other bulls run, jump, and butt their heads together in fights. Ferdinand, on the other hand, would rather sit and smell the flowers. So what will happen when Ferdinand is picked for the bullfights in Madrid? The Story of Ferdinand has inspired, enchanted, and provoked readers ever since it was first published in 1936 for its message of nonviolence and pacifism. In WWII times, Adolf Hitler ordered the book burned in Nazi Germany, while Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, granted it privileged status as the only non-communist children's book allowed in Poland. The preeminent leader of Indian nationalism and civil rights, Mahatma Gandhi—whose nonviolent and pacifistic practices went on to inspire Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.—even called it his favorite book. The story was adapted by Walt Disney into a short animated film entitled Ferdinand the Bull in 1938. Ferdinand the Bull won the 1938 Academy Award for Best Short Subject (Cartoons).


FERDINAND BK   TOY SET Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 0425291804
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 72
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FERDINAND BK TOY SET has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from FERDINAND BK TOY SET also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full FERDINAND BK TOY SET book for free.

Ferdinand the Bull

Ferdinand the Bull Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 OCLC:731034879
Release 1938
Pages 31
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Ferdinand the bull would rather sit under a cork tree rather than be in the bullfights in Madrid, Spain.

Wee Gillis

Wee Gillis Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 9781590172063
Release 2006
Pages 80
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Wee Gillis can not decide whether he wants to be a Highlander and stalk stags, like his father, or a Lowlander like his mother, and raise long-haired cows.

The Story of Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 0895980800
Release 1987
Pages 32
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Reading beyond the Basal teacher guide gives the teacher and the children an opportunity to choose appropriate activities following the reading of a favorite book.

Ferdinandus Taurus

Ferdinandus Taurus Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 1567921272
Release 2000-01
Pages 80
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Here, in the tradition of Winnie Ille Pu, is a familiar and beloved children's classic reimagined as a primer for the hic, haec, hoc set. Olim in Hispania erat taurulus nomine Ferdinandus. This, as any young scholar of Latin could tell you, is how the opening words of Ferdinand the Bull might have sounded had their author been born in ancient Rome. The masterly translation is by Elizabeth Hadas, late of the Spence School in New York City, who also contributes a Latin-English glossary (cork tree = quercus corticea; bumblebee = apis bombitans). And of course the book reproduces all of Robert Lawson's original illustrations, which remain as brilliant, sunny, and droll as they were when The Story of Ferdinand was first published, in 1936.

Books for Children of the World

Books for Children of the World Author Pearl, Sydelle
ISBN-10 1455601454
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Books for Children of the World has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Books for Children of the World also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Books for Children of the World book for free.

A Porcupine Named Fluffy

A Porcupine Named Fluffy Author Helen Lester
ISBN-10 9780544003194
Release 2013
Pages 32
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A porcupine named Fluffy is happier with his name after he meets a similarly misnamed rhinoceros.

The Story of Hurry

The Story of Hurry Author Emma Williams
ISBN-10 9781609805906
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 32
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After a major invasion of the Gaza Strip in late 2008, twenty-year-old Mahmoud Barghout decided to become a zookeeper. He saw that the children around him were exhausted by war, and so to provide respite, he set up the Happy Land Zoo. But the war made feeding and caring for the animals impossible—they died of thirst, hunger, or injury—and replacing them meant finding large sums of money and overcoming the blockade or the risk of bringing them in through tunnels connecting the Strip to Egypt. So Mr. Barghout came up with a solution for at least one animal: he dyed two local white donkeys with dark stripes, to create zebras, which visiting children could touch and even ride. The Story of Hurry recounts the tale of these “made in Gaza” zebras, of an inventive zookeeper just like Mr. Barghout, and of the wondrous capacity of the imagination of children. Written by Emma Williams, together with thought-provoking mixed-media illustrations by Ibrahim Quraishi, this picture book for inquisitive children aged 3 to 103 includes an historical note for parents, teachers, and librarians. From the Hardcover edition.

Millions of Cats

Millions of Cats Author Wanda Gag
ISBN-10 9789887739418
Release 1971
Pages 32
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Millions of Cats is a picture book which won the Newbery Honor award in 1929. It is about an old man and an old woman who were very lonely. They decided to get a cat, but when the old man went out searching, he found not one cat, but millions and billions and trillions of cats! How the old couple came to have just one cat to call their own is a classic tale that has been loved for generations.

Ferdinand Fox s Big Sleep

Ferdinand Fox s Big Sleep Author Karen Inglis
ISBN-10 0956932355
Release 2012-11
Pages 32
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When Peter Maceever spots Ferdinand Fox sleeping in his garden he tiptoes out to take a photo. At the click of the camera Ferdinand briefly stirs as his dreamy blancmange goes blurred. But he is far too lazy to move and is soon back asleep, dreaming about cake and ice cream! The first of six delightful rhyming stories about Ferdinand, a kind-hearted urban fox. Read aloud to 3-6 year-olds or for confident readers and adults to enjoy themselves! Look out for more Ferdinand Fox stories in 2013!

The Story of Ferdinand Flea

The Story of Ferdinand Flea Author Ken Harrow
ISBN-10 1517721903
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 34
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The Master of Ceremonies has the task of informing Ferdinand that he has been made redundant - His recent performances have not been coming up to scratch. Join Ferdinand on his hair raising adventures. A fun Christmas story for the family.

How to Behave and Why

How to Behave and Why Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 0789306840
Release 2002-01
Pages 48
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Presents the four things people must be in order to live together pleasantly: honest, fair, strong, and wise.

Little Egret and Toro

Little Egret and Toro Author Robert Vavra
ISBN-10 0981994237
Release 2010
Pages 60
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Little Egret warns his best friend, Toro the bull, that he will wind up in the butcher shop if he goes into the bullring, but when Toro does fight, the bird devises a plan to save him.


Noodle Author Munro Leaf
ISBN-10 0590043099
Release 2006-02
Pages 48
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When Noodle the dachshund is granted a wish from the good dog fairy to be any size and shape desired, he decides to remain Noodle, in a story originally published in 1937. 10,000 first printing.

The book of children s classics

The book of children s classics Author Leonard S. Marcus
ISBN-10 0525477586
Release 1997
Pages 375
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A collection of excerpts from classics in children's literature, including "Corduroy," "Ferdinand," and "Winnie-the-Pooh."

The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos

The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos Author Primitivo Mijares
ISBN-10 1523292199
Release 2016-01-17
Pages 430
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Author's Foreword This book is unfinished. The Filipino people shall finish it for me. I wrote this volume very, very slowly. 1 could have done with it In three months after my defection from the conjugal dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos on February 20.1975. Instead, I found myself availing of every excuse to slow it down. A close associate, Marcelino P. Sarmiento, even warned me, "Baka mapanis 'yan." (Your book could become stale.)While I availed of almost any excuse not to finish the manuscript of this volume, I felt the tangible voices of a muted people back home in the Philippines beckoning to me from across the vast Pacific Ocean. In whichever way I turned, I was confronted by the distraught images of the Filipino multitudes cryingout to me to finish this work, lest the frailty of human memory -- or any incident a la Nalundasan - consign to oblivion the matters I had in mind to form the vital parts of this book. It was as if the Filipino multitudes and history itself were surging in an endless wave presenting a compelling demand on me toSan Francisco, California perpetuate the personal knowledge I have gained on the infamous machinations of Ferdinand E. Marcos and his overly ambitious wife, Imelda, that led to a day of infamy in my country, that Black Friday on September 22, 1972, when martial law was declared as a means to establish history's first conjugal dictatorship. The sense of urgency in finishing this work was also goaded by the thought that Marcos does not have eternal life and that the Filipino people are of unimaginable forgiving posture. I thought that, if I did not perpetuate this work for posterity, Marcos might unduly benefit from a Laurelian statement that, when a man dies, the virtues of his past are magnified and his faults are reduced to molehills. This is a book for which so much has been offered and done by Marcos and his minions so that it would never see the light of print. Now that it is off the press. I entertain greater fear that so much more will be done to prevent its circulation, not only in the Philippines but also in the United States.But this work now belongs to history. Let it speak for itself in the context of developments within the coming months or years. Although it finds great relevance in the present life of the present life of the Filipinos and of Americans interested in the study of subversion of democratic governments by apparently legal means, this work seeks to find its proper niche in history which mustinevitably render its judgment on the seizure of government power from the people by a lame duck Philippine President.If I had finished this work immediately after my defection from the totalitarian regime of Ferdinand and Imelda, or after the vicious campaign of the dictatorship to vilify me in July-August. 1975, then I could have done so only in anger. Anger did influence my production of certain portions of the manu-script. However, as I put the finishing touches to my work, I found myself expurgating it of the personal venom, the virulence and intemperate language of my original draft.Some of the materials that went into this work had been of public knowledge in the Philippines. If I had used them, it was with the intention of utilizing them as links to heretofore unrevealed facets of the various ruses that Marcos employed to establish his dictatorship.Now, I have kept faith with the Filipino people. I have kept my rendezvous with history. I have, with this work, discharged my obligation to myself, my profession of journalism, my family and my country.I had one other compelling reason for coming out with this work at the great risks of being uprooted from my beloved country, of forced separation from my wife and children and losing their affection, and of losing everything I have in my name in the Philippines - or losing life itself. It is that I wanted to makea public expiation for the little influence that I had . . . .(more inside)