The Precious One

The Precious One Author Marisa de los Santos
ISBN-10 9780062323804
Release 2015-03-24
Pages 384
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Belong to Me, Love Walked In, and Falling Together comes a captivating novel about friendship, family, second chances, and the redemptive power of love. In all her life, Eustacia “Taisy” Cleary has given her heart to only three men: her first love, Ben Ransom; her twin brother, Marcus; and Wilson Cleary—professor, inventor, philanderer, self-made millionaire, brilliant man, breathtaking jerk: her father. Seventeen years ago, Wilson ditched his first family for Caroline, a beautiful young sculptor. In all that time, Taisy’s family has seen Wilson, Caroline, and their daughter, Willow, only once. Why then, is Wilson calling Taisy now, inviting her for an extended visit, encouraging her to meet her pretty sister—a teenager who views her with jealousy, mistrust, and grudging admiration? Why, now, does Wilson want Taisy to help him write his memoir? Told in alternating voices—Taisy’s strong, unsparing observations and Willow’s naive, heartbreakingly earnest yearnings—The Precious One is an unforgettable novel of family secrets, lost love, and dangerous obsession, a captivating tale with the deep characterization, piercing emotional resonance, and heartfelt insight that are the hallmarks of Marisa de los Santos’s beloved works.

The Pharaoh and the Priest An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt

The Pharaoh and the Priest  An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt Author Boleslaw Prus
ISBN-10 9781613104583
Release 1910
Pages 696
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The Pharaoh and the Priest An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Pharaoh and the Priest An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Pharaoh and the Priest An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt book for free.

The Precious Dreadful

The Precious Dreadful Author Steven Parlato
ISBN-10 9781507202784
Release 2018-02-13
Pages 272
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

gretmenim Moriyle Sali Bulusmalari

  gretmenim Moriyle Sali Bulusmalari Author Mitch Albom
ISBN-10 9757004197
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 191
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gretmenim Moriyle Sali Bulusmalari has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from gretmenim Moriyle Sali Bulusmalari also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full gretmenim Moriyle Sali Bulusmalari book for free.

Narrative Care Biopolitics and the Novel

Narrative Care  Biopolitics and the Novel Author Arne De Boever
ISBN-10 9781441144720
Release 2013-03-28
Pages 192
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If the September 11 terror attacks opened up an era of crises and exceptions of which we are yet to see the end, it is perhaps not surprising that care has emerged in the early twenty-first century as a key political issue. This book approaches contemporary narratives of care through the lens of a growing body of theoretical writings on biopolitics. Through close-readings of J.M. Coetzee's Slow Man, Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, Paul Auster's The Book of Illusions, and Tom McCarthy's Remainder, it seeks to reframe debates about realism in the novel ranging from Ian Watt to Zadie Smith as engagements with the novel's biopolitical origins: its relation to pastoral care, the camps, and the welfare state. Within such an understanding of the novel, what possibilities for a critical aesthetics of existence does the contemporary novel include?

World of Women A Novel of Adventure and Discovery

World of Women  A Novel of Adventure and Discovery Author Bob McClure V
ISBN-10 9781430311294
Release 2010-06
Pages 242
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WORLD OF WOMEN is an action story that realistically describes the discovery of the next step in human evolution. Biology, Anthropology, and Paleontology all teach that whenever a species is presented with a deadly stress, it must overcome it, evolve around it, or go extinct. At this point in history, mankind is an endangered species, headed for sure extinction unless a truly effective cure or prevention for AIDS is discovered and then distributed world-wide. At the same time, genetic experiments and gene therapies are probing deeper into medical realms once reserved to Providence. The likelihood of an artificial genetic change to the human race grows greater every day. It is very possible, almost probable, that a genetically distinct race of human beings, defined by Biology as a new species, may appear among us at any time.

The Map of Love

The Map of Love Author Ahdaf Soueif
ISBN-10 0385720114
Release 2011-01-26
Pages 544
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Booker Prize Finalist "Sweeping and evocative--. An unconventional love story."--The Times (London) With her first novel, In the Eye of the Sun, Ahdaf Soueif garnered comparisons to Tolstoy, Flaubert, and George Eliot. In her latest novel, which was shortlisted for Britain's prestigious Booker Prize, she combines the romantic skill of the nineteenth-century novelists with a very modern sense of culture and politics--both sexual and international. At either end of the twentieth century, two women fall in love with men outside their familiar worlds. In 1901, Anna Winterbourne, recently widowed, leaves England for Egypt, an outpost of the Empire roiling with nationalist sentiment. Far from the comfort of the British colony, she finds herself enraptured by the real Egypt and in love with Sharif Pasha al-Baroudi. Nearly a hundred years later, Isabel Parkman, a divorced American journalist and descendant of Anna and Sharif has fallen in love with Omar al-Ghamrawi, a gifted and difficult Egyptian-American conductor with his own passionate politics. In an attempt to understand her conflicting emotions and to discover the truth behind her heritage, Isabel, too, travels to Egypt, and enlists Omar's sister's help in unravelling the story of Anna and Sharif's love. Joining the romance and intricate storytelling of A.S. Byatt's Possession and Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient, Ahdaf Soueif has once again created a mesmerizing tale of genuine eloquence and lasting importance.

Because You Have To

Because You Have To Author Joan Frank
ISBN-10 9780268079765
Release 2012-09-15
Pages 216
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Part memoir, part handbook, part survey of the contemporary literary scene, Joan Frank’s Because You Have To: A Writing Life is a collection of essays that, taken together, provide a walking tour of the writing life. Frank’s aim is to form a coherent vision, one that may provide some communion about realities of the writer's vocation that have struck her as rarely revealed. Frank offers what she has learned as a writer not only to other writers, but to those to whom good writing matters. Her insights about "thinking on paper" are never dogmatic or pontifical; rather, they are cordial and intellectually welcoming. Original, witty, and practical, Frank ably steers us through the journey of her own life as a writer, as well as through the careers and work of other writers. Her subjects range widely, from the “boot camp” conditioning of marketing work to squaring off with rejection and envy; from sustaining belief in art’s necessity to the baffling subjectivity of literary perception and the magical books that nourish writers. Frank’s personal journey is wonderfully told, so that what in these essays is particular becomes useful and universal.

The First Mystery Novel MEGAPACK 4 Great Mystery Novels

The First Mystery Novel MEGAPACK     4 Great Mystery Novels Author Howard Mason
ISBN-10 9781479407293
Release 2015-09-03
Pages 692
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The First Mystery Novel MEGAPACKTM presents four classic mysteries by top crime writers. Here are: The Red Bishop, by Howard Mason ... A wild chase through Europe...a castle on the Rhine...some very fancy corpses...a racing columnist who suddenly finds himself a Peer of the Realm... These are the unlikely ingredients that make this book at once hair-raising and light-hearted! Reclining Figure, by Marco Page ... Lucas Edgerton, arbitary and capricious eccentric, brings in Ellis Blaise, a young New York art dealer, to sell some of his art collection for tax purposes. Thefts from the collection, the sensational forgery of a priceless Renoir, and the puzzling murder of Lucas's son force Blaise into a perilous investigation! The Case of the 16 Beans, by Harry Stephen Keeler ... Why did old Balhatchet Barkstone, on dying, leave his nephew 16 beans? And why did Boyce Barkstone, his heir, hold on to the beans? Why did Hu Fong, a Chinese detective, come to the conclusion that a poverty-stricken hermit was murdered for an article of great value, and what might that article be? These are only a few of the seemingly insoluble riddles which Keeler answers in his own inimitable manner! The Girl Who Had to Die, by By Elisabeth Sanxay Holding ... 19-year-old Jocelyn is convinced she's going to be murdered, and accuses John Killian, a young man she met on a cruise ship, of throwing her overboard. But there are a lot of people who seem to hate Jocelyn...and Killian starts to wonder if he'll be the next victim instead! If you enjoy this ebook, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see more of the 250+ volumes in this series, covering adventure, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, science fiction -- and much, much more!

And the View from the Shore

And the View from the Shore Author Stephen H. Sumida
ISBN-10 9780295803456
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 354
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This groundbreaking study of a little-explored branch of American literature both chronicles and reinterprets the variety of patterns found within Hawaii�s pastoral and heroic literary traditions, and is unprecedented in its scope and theme. As a literary history, it covers two centuries of Hawaii�s culture since the arrival of Captain James Cookin 1778. Its approach is multicultural, representing the spectrum of native Hawaiian, colonial, tourist, and polyethnic local literatures. Explicit historical, social, political, and linguistic context of Hawaii, as well as literary theory, inform Stephen Sumida�s analyses and explications of texts, which in turn reinterpret the nonfictional contexts themselves. These �texts� include poems, song lyrics, novels and short fiction, drama and oral traditions that epitomize cultural milieus and sensibilities. Hawaii�s rich literary tradition begins with ancient Polynesian chant and encompasses the compelling novels of O.A. Bushnell, Shelley Ota, Kazuo Miyamoto, Milton Marayama, and John Dominis Holt; the stories of Patsy Saiki and Darrell Lum; the dramas of Aldyth Morris; the poetry of Cathy Song, Erick Chock, Jody Manabe, Wing Tek Lum, and others of the contemporary �Bamboo Ridge� group; Hawaiian songs and poetry, or mele; and works written by visitors from outside the islands, such as the journals of Captain Cook and the prose fiction of Herman Melville, James Fenimore Cooper, Mark Twain, and James Michener. Sumida discusses the renewed enthusiasm for native Hawaiian culture and the controversies over Hawaii�s vernacular pidgins and creoles. His achievement in developing a functional and accessible critical and intellectual framework for analyzing this diverse material is remarkable, and his engaging and perceptive analysis of these works invites the reader to explore further in the literature itself and to reconsider the present and future direction of Hawaii�s writers.

THE BLACK TULIP Historical Adventure Novel

THE BLACK TULIP  Historical Adventure Novel Author Alexandre Dumas
ISBN-10 9788026851233
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 235
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This carefully crafted ebook: “THE BLACK TULIP (Historical Adventure Novel)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The story begins with the 1672 lynching of the Dutch Grand Pensionary Johan de Witt and his brother Cornelis by a wild mob of their own countrymen, considered by many as one of the most painful episodes in Dutch history, described by Dumas with a dramatic intensity. The city of Haarlem, Netherlands, has set a prize of ƒ100, 000 to the person who can grow a black tulip, sparking competition between the country's best gardeners to win the money, honor and fame. Only the city's oldest citizens remember the Tulip Mania thirty years prior, and the citizens throw themselves into the competition. The young and bourgeois Cornelius van Baerle has almost succeeded but is suddenly thrown into the Loevestein prison… Alexandre Dumas, père (1802-1870) was a French writer whose works have been translated into nearly 100 languages and he is one of the most widely read French authors. His most famous works are The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

Paying Guests A Satirical Novel

Paying Guests  A Satirical Novel Author E. F. Benson
ISBN-10 9788026842774
Release 2015-08-11
Pages 230
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This carefully crafted ebook: “Paying Guests (A Satirical Novel)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Paying Guests is one of the last novels of E.F. Benson. The story is set around the Wentworth mention, a small boarding house in Bolton Spa and its owners and lodgers, usual and recognizable Benson’s characters. They are quite unlikable, mainly upper-middle-class English people who came to the Spa to cure their body illnesses, but also to fill the time and escape boredom despite having no passions, interests and work. Edward Frederic Benson (1867–1940) was an English novelist, biographer, memoirist, archaeologist and short story writer, known professionally as E.F. Benson. He started his novel writing career in 1893 with the fashionably controversial Dodo, which was an instant success, and followed it with a variety of satire and romantic and supernatural melodrama. He repeated the success of Dodo, with sequels to this novel, but the greatest success came relatively late in his career with The Mapp and Lucia series consisting of six novels and two short stories. The novels feature humorous incidents in the lives of (mainly) upper-middle-class British people in the 1920s and 1930s, vying for social prestige and one-upmanship in an atmosphere of extreme cultural snobbery. Benson was also known as a writer of atmospheric, oblique, and at times humorous or satirical ghost stories.

Yellow Emperor s Cure A Novel

Yellow Emperor s Cure  A Novel Author Kanal Basu
ISBN-10 9781590208823
Release 2011-10-27
Pages 320
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In a breakout novel that transports the reader to a brilliantly imagined, sensuously portrayed, dangerous point in history, Kunal Basu has written the tale of a man's journey that spans continents- -and the limits of his faith in science. Lisbon, 1898: Antonio Maria, surgeon and notorious playboy, returns home after a long absence to learn his beloved father has syphilis, the scourge of both rich and poor. Determined to find a cure, Antonio sets sail for Peking, to study under the evasive but renowned Dr. Xu. But Dr. Xu does not intend to give away his knowledge, and Antonio suddenly falls in love with his assistant, the elusive Fumi. The threat of the advancing Boxer rebellion hangs over the Summer Palace, and Antonio and Fumi must decide whether to flee together or remain in China. Kunal Basu's lush, haunting tale invites comparisons to Michael Ondaatje's best work. This superb novel conjures a man discovering the love that will force him to question everything.

Love s Pilgrimage A Novel

Love s Pilgrimage  A Novel Author Upton Sinclair
ISBN-10 9781632099839
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 459
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Trajectory presents classics of world literature with 21st century features! Our original-text editions include the following visual enhancements to foster a deeper understanding of the work: Word Clouds at the start of each chapter highlight important words. Word, sentence, paragraph counts, and reading time help readers and teachers determine chapter complexity. Co-occurrence graphs depict character-to-character interactions as well character to place interactions. Sentiment indexes identify positive and negative trends in mood within each chapter. Frequency graphs help display the impact this book has had on popular culture since its original date of publication. Use Trajectory analytics to deepen comprehension, to provide a focus for discussions and writing assignments, and to engage new readers with some of the greatest stories ever told. "Love’s Pilgrimage" is a 1911 autobiographical novel by Upton Sinclair about the life of a writer, Thyrsis, and his infatuation for a woman named Corydon.

Sniff A Novel

Sniff  A Novel Author J. P. Polidoro
ISBN-10 9781456882051
Release 2011-03-03
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Sniff A Novel has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sniff A Novel also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sniff A Novel book for free.

Lost Light A Nightengale Elf Novel

Lost Light  A Nightengale Elf Novel Author Nichole Anderson
ISBN-10 9781312180536
Release 2014-05-11
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Jane Smith is from our world, a world filled with Humans, normalcy, and average days. Jane and Nikki, her twelve year old daughter, enjoy life at home, even if it is a little drab from time to time. Neither would trade it for anything, as our world is all that they have come to know. Everything goes topsy-turvy when a stranger shows up upon a flash of light in her backyard during a storm. The man calls himself Arminas, and says he is here to take her back to where she is not who she thinks she is. Apparently the 'Chosen One', Jane has no idea what to expect for her and Nikki in this strange and warring world of the unknown and hostile.

Ayn Rand Novel Collection

Ayn Rand Novel Collection Author Ayn Rand
ISBN-10 9781101539330
Release 2011-09-06
Pages 193
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Ayn Rand Novel CollectionAyn RandTwo landmark epics from the famed philosopher and “a writer of great power” (The New York Times Book Review), The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged explore themes of individuality, freedom, and fascism and feature two of Ayn Rand’s most famous characters, Howard Roark and John Galt.The FountainheadAtlas Shrugged