The Fertility Handbook

The Fertility Handbook Author Mary Wingfield
ISBN-10 9780717172894
Release 2017-06-02
Pages 424
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Maximise your chance of getting pregnant with this up-to-date and authoritative book that provides a clear and holistic approach to fertility. Areas including: Understanding your body and maximising your chances of conceiving naturally as well as through complex treatments such as IVF, IUI and egg freezing A pre-conception plan with sections on lifestyle, nutrition and the role of stress The common (and uncommon) causes of fertility problems in both men and women Options for single people and same-sex couples Up-to-date information on ethics, funding and the law both nationally and internationally Insightful testimonials from patients dealing with fertility problems and the emotional impact of treatment. Written by Professor Mary Wingfield, one of Ireland's foremost fertility experts who has helped hundreds of people to conceive over the last thirty years. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the Merrion Fertility Foundation, which funds fertility treatment.

The Fertility Handbook

The Fertility Handbook Author Judith Alsofrom Fenton
ISBN-10 0517539918
Release 1980
Pages 152
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The Fertility Handbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Fertility Handbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Fertility Handbook book for free.

Fertility Handbook A Guide To Getting Pregnant

Fertility Handbook  A Guide To Getting Pregnant Author Rebecca Matthews PhD
ISBN-10 9781304482730
Release 2013-10
Pages 124
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The Fertility Handbook: A Guide to Getting Pregnant. Whether you're just starting to think about growing your family or have been trying for weeks, months or even years, this book will give you a helping hand on your path to parenthood. Conception is easy only when conditions are perfect. Our bodies are complex systems and creating perfect conditions sometimes requires a little extra knowledge. In these pages, you'll find all you need to know to get pregnant in the shortest time possible including in depth information on: *Preconception Care *Dietary Supplements for Optimal Reproductive Health *How the Body Works and Reproductive Processes *What Signs to Look For to Improve Your Chances *Fertility Testing and Treatment *What May be Keeping You From Getting Pregnant. The Fertility Handbook: A Guide to Getting Pregnant can improve your chances starting today

The Fertility Handbook

The Fertility Handbook Author Philippa Kaye
ISBN-10 1847090168
Release 2007
Pages 120
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Explains the causes, tests and treatments for infertility, and to give couples an understanding of the processes that they will go through. This book covers topics including: conception and the process of implantation; infertility and related problems; tests and treatments; assisted reproductive technology; and complementary therapies.

The Fertility Handbook

The Fertility Handbook Author C. Maude Doherty
ISBN-10 1886039550
Release 2002
Pages 160
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If You’re Having Trouble Conceiving... …you are not alone. One out of ten American couples experiences problems with infertility. If you’re among this group, you’ve already felt the deep disappointment and emotional distress that accompany the diagnosis of infertility. But, indeed there is hope, especially in light of advances in assisted reproductive technologies. Authors C. Maud Doherty, M.D., and Melanie Morrissey Clark understand what you’re going through and the kinds of pressing questions you have about fertility treatment. Dr. Doherty is a reproductive endocrinologist who has treated thousands of couples. Melanie Morrissey Clark is a former patient—now the mother of triplets. The Fertility Handbook will help you navigate this confusing time and consider which treatment options are bests for you. Among the topics covered: • Understanding the causes of female and male infertility • Getting a diagnosis • Coping emotionally • Choosing a fertility specialist • Exploring standard treatment options • Utilizing the new assisted reproductive technologies (ART) • Taking advantage of advances in treating male factor infertility • Determining how long to continue treatment An Excellent Primer on Overcoming Infertility!

The Infertility Handbook

The Infertility Handbook Author Jacqueline Tomlins
ISBN-10 1741153387
Release 2003
Pages 322
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This is an excellent book which contains extensive information about fertility, infertility and its causes, the wide variety of treatments, and possible outcomes. It includes the effect of infertility and the treatments on the male and female involved, including the social, emotional and physical effects. Professor Carl Wood, MBBS, FRCS, FRANZCOG. Most people don't expect problems having a baby, and we certainly don't expect to need anyone else's help! Sometimes, though, creating a family turns out to be a bit more complicated than we thought. This book is for anyone who is having difficulty getting or staying pregnant. The Infertility Handbook guides you through the whole experience of dealing with infertility from taking the first step of talking to your GP, to what to expect when you see an infertility specialist and what happens if you head down the treatment path. In clear, straight-forward language with detailed illustrations and photographs, The Infertility Handbook guides you through the complex world of assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilisation. It also deals with the personal and emotional side of things and includes the stories of men and women who, just like you, have faced the challenges of infertility. Written by someone with extensive personal experience of infertility treatment, and under the careful eye of a top practising infertility specialist, The Infertility Handbook is an invaluable, accurate and up-to-date resource. This book will not bring you the baby you so long for, but it will certainly help you manage the treatment that may well do so.

The Infertility Handbook

The Infertility Handbook Author Angela I. Hutchins
ISBN-10 9781877568947
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 448
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THE INFERTILITY HANDBOOK is the essential reference book for couples diagnosed with infertility. It covers everything from understanding your reproductive cycle to what your options are if a biological child is not possible. The causes of infertility - both male and female - are examined, treatment options are explained, and a wide range of support services is included. Where appropriate, chapters include focus boxes written by a leading expert in the relevant field. Written clearly and simply with the sensitivity and knowledge of a person who has been there, it provide options at a time when people may feel cut off from their normal support network.

The fertility awareness handbook

The fertility awareness handbook Author Barbara Kass-Annese
ISBN-10 UOM:49015003175057
Release 1992-05
Pages 148
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Explains the fertility cycle and the symptoms of fertility, and explains how to use this technique in conjuction with other methods of contraception

The Fertility Guide

The Fertility Guide Author John C. Jarrett
ISBN-10 0929173295
Release 1998
Pages 188
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Provides a concise, sensible, appropriately scientific, yet easily understood approach to modern fertility diagnosis and treatment...translates the high tech into common sense.

The Subfertility Handbook

The Subfertility Handbook Author Gab Kovacs
ISBN-10 9781139491990
Release 2010-11-11
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The fully revised and updated second edition of this practical handbook provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of subfertility, including treatment and diagnosis. Each chapter is written by a recognized world expert in the field and, together, they aim to provide state of the art answers to all the problems of subfertility in a single volume. The introductory chapter provides a flow-chart approach to systematic diagnosis and treatment. Clearly written and easy to read, the subsequent chapters describe what questions to ask, how to investigate, and what each treatment requires. With an expanded international team of authors, this new edition also offers new chapters devoted to third party reproduction and in vitro maturation of oocytes. From medical students studying for examinations to consultant physicians, this volume is a 'must-have' reference for anyone dealing with couples who have fertility problems.

Handbook on the Collection of Fertility and Mortality Data

Handbook on the Collection of Fertility and Mortality Data Author
ISBN-10 9211614627
Release 2004
Pages 129
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Socio-economic policy planning and monitoring requires accurate data on births, deaths and population, in order to plan effectively for provision of health, education, employment and social security services. This publication contains detailed information on the compilation of demographic data using a range of complementary methods which can be combined to suit national conditions. Topics covered include: planning collection of fertility and mortality data; fieldwork, data processing and archiving; evaluation, estimation and dissemination; civil registration records, censuses and surveys as data sources.

Handbook of the Economics of International Migration

Handbook of the Economics of International Migration Author Barry Chiswick
ISBN-10 9780444633880
Release 2014-12-08
Pages 1702
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The economic literature on international migration interests policymakers as well as academics throughout the social sciences. These volumes, the first of a new subseries in the Handbooks in Economics, describe and analyze scholarship created since the inception of serious attention began in the late 1970s. This literature appears in the general economics journals, in various field journals in economics (especially, but not exclusively, those covering labor market and human resource issues), in interdisciplinary immigration journals, and in papers by economists published in journals associated with history, sociology, political science, demography, and linguistics, among others. Covers a range of topics from labor market outcomes and fiscal consequences to the effects of international migration on the level and distribution of income – and everything in between. Encompasses a wide range of topics related to migration and is multidisciplinary in some aspects, which is crucial on the topic of migration Appeals to a large community of scholars interested in this topic and for whom no overviews or summaries exist

Handbook of the Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility

Handbook of the Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility Author Brooks A. Keel
ISBN-10 0849335493
Release 1990-06-22
Pages 448
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This book provides comprehensive, detailed, and step-by-step descriptions of materials and methods currently used in laboratory procedures within the infertility clinic. It addresses the numerous highly sophisticated procedures resulting from research in the area of laboratory diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Among those procedures covered are:

Natural Birth Control Made Simple

Natural Birth Control Made Simple Author Barbara Kass-Annese
ISBN-10 9780897934039
Release 2003
Pages 181
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This guide offers information on reproduction, fertility, and natural conception, and gives instructions on Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). This completely revised and updated edition includes new methods of natural birth control, illustrations and charts that show the planning methods described, and updated bibliography and resource sections.

International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy

International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy Author Andrew Cherry
ISBN-10 9781489980267
Release 2014-01-13
Pages 712
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The rates are on the decline worldwide. But adolescent pregnancies still occur, placing millions of girls each year at risk for medical complications and social isolation and their babies for severe health problems-especially when prenatal care is inadequate or nonexistent. But as the opportunity for young women and girls increases around the world, adolescent pregnancy will continue to decline. Featuring reports from countries across the developed and developing worlds, the International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy analyzes the scope of the problem and the diversity of social and professional responses. Its biological/ecological perspective identifies factors influencing childhood pregnancy, as well as outcomes, challenges and needs of very young mothers as they differ across nations and regions. Salient comparisons are made as cultural contexts and community support vary widely and attention is paid to issues such as child marriage, LGBT concerns and the impact of religion and politics on health care, particularly access to contraception, abortion and other services. This global coverage heightens the understanding of readers involved in care, education and prevention programs and otherwise concerned with the psychosocial development, reproductive health and general well-being of girls. Included in the Handbook: Biological influences of adolescent pregnancy. Adolescent maternal health and childbearing. Adolescent pregnancy and mental health. International perspectives on adolescent fathers. Adolescent pregnancy as a feminist issue. Adolescent pregnancy as a social problem. Plus viewpoints from more than thirty countries. As a unique source of up-to-date findings and clear-headed analysis, the International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy is a go-to reference for practitioners and researchers in maternal and child health, pediatrics, adolescent medicine and global health.

Agronomic Handbook

Agronomic Handbook Author J. Benton Jones, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781420041507
Release 2002-10-29
Pages 450
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Many agronomic reference books either focus on a single crop, several related crops, or specific soil topics but not on a full range of both crop and soil subjects. This unique handbook covers both major agronomic fields. Containing essential data and information on the culture of the world's major agronomic grain, oil, fiber, and sugar crops grown on a wide range of soil types, Agronomic Handbook: Management of Crops, Soils, and Their Fertility serves as a practical reference on the management of crops and soils from planting to harvest. This handbook provides you with: A list of definitions A glossary of botanical terms Nutrient element requirement levels for the major agronomic crops A list of troublesome weeds A key to nutrient element deficiency syndrome of legumes A summary of the characteristics of the major elements and micronutrients The basic information needed to develop cultural, liming, and fertilizer recommendations Diagnostic procedures for assessing the fertility status of soils and the nutrient element status of plants Written in the author's trademark, practical style, this handbook describes the genetic history, yield characteristics, cultural requirements, and nutritional requirements of the major agronomic crops; the physical and chemical properties of major soil types; and the composition, formulation, and uses of fertilizers. Crop characteristics are provided including national and international statistics, world production figures, and information on changing crop conditions. With its wide range of fundamental information on crops and soils, the Agronomic Handbook will be an invaluable reference for those preparing for the Certified Crop Advisor Exam and anyone engaged in agronomic production, study, and research. Dependency

A Handbook of Intrauterine Insemination

A Handbook of Intrauterine Insemination Author Godwin I. Meniru
ISBN-10 0521586763
Release 1997-07-31
Pages 245
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A practical introduction to one of the first-line approaches to overcome infertility.