Playing the odds

Playing the odds Author H. Bud Hauslein
ISBN-10 CHI:81053714
Release 2005
Pages 254
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Playing the odds has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Playing the odds also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Playing the odds book for free.

Playing the Odds

Playing the Odds Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 9781405524735
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 288
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AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME Serena MacGregor has always had a taste for excitement and adventure. After years of study she has escaped her family's expectations for a life on the open seas - as a blackjack dealer on a cruise ship. No one on board knows about her wealthy upbringing - but the mysterious and charismatic gambler Justin Blade recognises a kindred spirit, and is determined to learn more. When he saunters up to Serena's table, he decides to take the biggest gamble of his life - by playing for keeps... Playing the Odds can be enjoyed as a hugely entertaining standalone novel. It is also book one in the classic series The MacGregors, which continues with Tempting Fate, All the Possibilities, One Man's Art, The MacGregor Brides, The Winning Hand, The MacGregor Grooms and The Perfect Neighbour - all available as Ebooks for the first time. And look out for the prequel For Now, Forever, plus the historical MacGregor novel Rebellion and its companion novella In from the Cold. Includes a preview of Tempting Fate

The House Advantage

The House Advantage Author Jeffrey Ma
ISBN-10 0230109683
Release 2012-02-14
Pages 272
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As part of the notorious MIT Team depicted in Ben Mezrich's now classic Bringing Down the House, Jeff Ma used math and statistics to master the game of blackjack and reap handsome rewards at casinos. Years later, Ma has inspired not only a bestselling novel and hit movie, but has also started three different companies—the latest of which, Citizen Sports, is an innovative marriage of sports, betting, and digital technology—and launched a successful corporate speaking career. The House Advantage reveals Ma's cutting-edge mathematical insights into the world of statistics and makes them applicable to a wide business audience. He argues that numbers are the key to analyzing nearly everything in the world of business, from how to spot and profit from global market inefficiencies to having multiple backup plans in anticipation of every probability. Ma's stories and business lessons are as intriguing as they are universally applicable.

Playing the Odds

Playing the Odds Author Hal Rothman
ISBN-10 0826321127
Release 2007
Pages 262
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"This collection of Hal Rothman's wide-ranging, brash, and brilliant essays on Las Vegas offers up a treasury of insights on the follies and possibilities of the New West. Confident, passionate, learned and, yes, wise, Rothman is simply one of the most important voices writing on the region today. He is also a hell of a lot of fun to read."--Virginia Scharff, professor of history and Director, Center for the Southwest, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and Women of the West chair at the Institute for the Study of the American West, Autry National Center, Los Angeles "Hal Rothman has been enlightening me, irritating me, surprising me, and making me laugh for twenty years. Reading his columns reminds me why. He has long been one of the brashest, loudest, smartest, and most original voices in the West. Not even ALS could quiet him. These columns aren't the same as talking to him, but they come close."--Richard White, Margaret Byrne Professor of American History, Stanford University "Hal Rothman is both the greatest Western historian of his generation and an H. L. Mencken in cowboy boots. Here is a magnificent collection of his opinion, wit, and wisdom."--Mike Davis, author ofPlanet of Slums and Buda's Wagon

Playing the Odds

Playing the Odds Author Jay Carty
ISBN-10 1885305257
Release 1995-06-01
Pages 190
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This readable, easy-to-understand book for non-Christians urges them to make an informed decision about life after death. Covers such topics as heaven, hell, fear of death, & the need to choose Christ today.

The Macgregors Serena Caine Playing the Odds Tempting Fate

The Macgregors  Serena   Caine  Playing the Odds Tempting Fate Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 0373282184
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 512
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Romance thrives when we least expect it... Playing the Odds Serena MacGregor is looking for a little independence and some much-needed adventure, and Justin Blade is definitely not what she had in mind. But the stakes are high, and Justin is betting on changing Serena's mind about him. And when Justin makes Serena an offer she can't refuse, she'll have to decide if love is worth the risk. Tempting Fate High-powered lawyer Caine MacGregor has a reputation for being a demon in and out of the courtroom. He's rarely met a case--or a woman--he couldn't win. But Diana Blade is no ordinary woman, and Caine is eager to meet the challenge. He may be able to convince Diana to form a business partnership, but winning her heart is another story.

The MacGregors Serena Caine

The MacGregors  Serena   Caine Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 0373281331
Release 2010-12-28
Pages 512
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#1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Roberts enchants again with two beloved classics about the passionate and headstrong MacGregor family. Playing the Odds Serena MacGregor had been looking for a little independence and some much-needed adventure, but Justin Blade was not what she had in mind. The stakes were high, and Justin was betting on changing Serena's mind about him. But when this fiery heiress upped the ante on the cool Comanche gambler, steamy didn't begin to describe the results.… Tempting Fate Attorney Caine MacGregor had a reputation for being a demon in and out of the courtroom. The dashing young attorney rarely met a case—or a woman—he couldn't win. But Diana Blade was no ordinary lady. Caine yearned to break down her icy wall of control and release the passionate woman within. He might be able to convince Diana to form a business partnership, but could he entice her to risk everything for the love of a MacGregor?

Playing All the Odds

Playing All the Odds Author Rena A. Finney
ISBN-10 1599832046
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 256
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Fantasy Delight Whitman (her birth name bestowed on her by her madam mama), has been through a lot getting where she is in life. Now the successful journalist and single mother to college-aged Kameron is about to get more than she bargained for when she looks up a long-lost love on the Internet. Victor Charles has been through the romance mill with two divorces behind him, but when his ex from twenty-plus years ago emails out of the blue, and Fantasy is as beautiful and sexy as ever, his faith in fate is renewed. There's no denying the sparks that still fly between them, except when the truth comes out about the secret Fantasy's been keeping. Can they hold it together, or are some things best left in the past?

What are the Odds

What are the Odds Author Bill Waterhouse
ISBN-10 9781741666311
Release 2010
Pages 519
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The tell-all tale - on and off the track - of a legendary man and his extraordinary family. The Waterhouse name is synonymous with Australian horse racing and bookmaking. For the first time, the family's patriarch, Bill Waterhouse, tells the story of his remarkable life 'playing the odds'. Bill Waterhouse is a true Australian character who has spent a lifetime mixing it with the biggest names in sport, business and politics. Whilst learning the bookmaking art from his father, Bill studied law and practised as a barrister. With his brothers, he built up a property empire, including Sydney's biggest hotel, yet bookmaking remained his passion. By the 1960s he was Australia's biggest bookie, and he remained at the top for over twenty years. Renowned for never refusing to take a gambler on, Big Bill always attracted the high-stake punters. His gambling duels are legendary: from 'Filipino Fireball' Felipe Ysmael and the 'Hong Kong Tiger' Frank Duval, to the up-and-coming Kerry Packer. In the 1980s, with son Robbie already a leading bookmaker, the Fine Cotton affair brought ignominy to the Waterhouse name. Although cleared of any wrongdoing, Bill was warned off racetracks for fourteen years. Here he reveals how deeply the affair hurt his family and his reputation. Faced with adversity on all sides, Bill's empire came under serious threat. He fought back and eventually returned to racing at the age of 80, training his grandson Tom as the fourth generation of the Waterhouse racing dynasty. With Tom, he again rose to be the largest on-track bookmaker in Australia. Away from racing, Bill's life has been equally eventful. He is the honorary consul-general for the Kingdom of Tonga and, having maintained an active role in helping the island nation for over 35 years, is now the longest-serving diplomat in Australia. Filled with remarkable tales of the track's greatest plunges, gamblers and stings, What Are The Odds? is an outstanding memoir of an extraordinary life.

Beat the Odds Blackjack

Beat the Odds Blackjack Author G. Phillip Cline
ISBN-10 0818406364
Release 2003
Pages 144
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In this clear and easy-to-follow guide readers will learn the principles of winning blackjack through understanding the percentages of every combination of cards. In just a few hours players can get to grips with Cline's revolutionary new strategy, Percentage Play, which will increase their chances of winning by enabling them to analyse their hand quickly, calculate the odds and make the right moves to maximise their profits.

Let It Ride Beyond the Basics

Let It Ride Beyond the Basics Author
ISBN-10 9781580424356
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Let It Ride Beyond the Basics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Let It Ride Beyond the Basics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Let It Ride Beyond the Basics book for free.

Focus on Declarer Play

Focus on Declarer Play Author Danny Roth
ISBN-10 0969846134
Release 1997
Pages 130
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For most intermediate bridge players, declarer play is both fascinating and challenging, but too often they are left after a hand is over with the sinking feeling that they could have done better. In this book, acclaimed British author Danny Roth takes his readers through the most common causes of errors on play: mishandling communications, making errors involving trumps, failing to take advantage of all possible chances, and many more. He explains how to recognize the danger signals, and how to avoid the pitfalls. The situations he describes are encountered every day; careful study of the examples in this book will make the reader a better card player, and improved scores will certainly follow.

Forex Trading Uncut

Forex Trading  Uncut Author Donjo T. Franklin, MBA
ISBN-10 1452092249
Release 2010-11-07
Pages 108
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FOREX is the largest financial market in the world with daily trading volume that can surpass 4 trillion dollars a day. This is perhaps the single largest factor for why many try to tackle this widely untapped means of investing. The countless opportunities are too great to ignore, which lead the majority to try this exciting market only to be left tasting their own defeat. Many of these aspiring traders jump into this market without a plan and usually fall subject to the psychological failures of trading: fear and greed. In this book you are expected to learn the following: • The ends and outs of trading the Forex and how to succeed • How professional traders overcome fear and greed utilizing a trading plan that focuses on probability and calculated risk • Specific scalping strategies that focus on precise entry and flexible exit points • The importance of predefined risk to reward ratios • And much more........ Trading the Forex can be extremely exciting and profitable but it requires a trading plan that balances risk and reward. Trading the Forex without a plan is like sky diving with a defective parachute, chances of survival are slim. This book will help uncover highly probable trading methodologies and tactic for creating an edge in trading the Forex.

The Mathematics of Lottery

The Mathematics of Lottery Author Catalin Barboianu
ISBN-10 9789731991115
Release 2009-03
Pages 204
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This work is a complete mathematical guide to lottery games, covering all of the problems related to probability, combinatorics, and all parameters describing the lottery matrices, as well as the various playing systems. The mathematics sections describe the mathematical model of the lottery, which is in fact the essence of the lotto game. The applications of this model provide players with all the mathematical data regarding the parameters attached to the gaming events and personal playing systems. By applying these data, one can find all the winning probabilities for the play with one line (for each category in part or cumulatively), and how these probabilities change with playing the various types of systems containing several lines, depending on their structure. Also, each playing system has a formula attached that provides the number of possible multiple prizes in various circumstances. Other mathematical parameters of the playing systems and the correlations between them are also presented. The generality of the mathematical model and of the obtained formulas allows their application for any existent lottery (including variations like Keno) and any playing system. Each formula is followed by numerical results covering the most frequent lottery matrices worldwide and by multiple examples predominantly belonging to the 6/49 lottery. The listing of the numerical results in dozens of well-organized tables, along with instructions and examples of using them, makes possible the direct usage of this guide by players without a mathematical background. The author also discusses from a mathematical point of view the strategies of choosing involved in the lotto game. The book does not offer so-called winning strategies (proving that the only strategy is that of choosing), but helps players to better organize their own playing systems and to confront their own convictions (so many times based on false perceptions) with the incontestable reality offered by the direct applications of the mathematical model of the lotto game. As a must-have handbook for any lottery player, this book offers essential information about the game itself and can provide the basis for gaming decisions of any kind.

Defending the Guilty

Defending the Guilty Author Alex McBride
ISBN-10 9780141951409
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 288
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"As a criminal barrister, you work with the material you get: a junkie shoplifter with thirty-five previous convictions and four packs of Lidl's frozen chicken stuffed down his trousers is heading only one way..." Every day, like every criminal barrister in this country, Alex McBride stands up in court and, with nothing but quick-thinking, sharp-talking and his hard-won legal expertise, attempts to save people from criminal conviction, prison, even a lifetime behind bars. Sometimes he's had only a few hours to prepare his case. Sometimes his client is obviously guilty. In this hilarious, heart-stopping memoir, he takes us behind the scenes of Britain's criminal justice system - in barristers' chambers, in the courtroom, in the cells and on the streets - introducing us to its outlandish personalities, arcane eccentricities and its many moving stories of triumph and defeat. Whether he's defending hapless teenagers at Harlow Youth Court or prosecuting gold bullion robbers at the Bailey, his hair-raising tales reveal all the secrets of courtroom success and what it takes to survive in this chaotic world of fluked escapes and crushed hopes. Throughout he attempts to answer that most important question: how do we ensure that the guilty are convicted and the innocent walk free?

Lessons from Lorena

Lessons from Lorena Author Kimberly J. Stults
ISBN-10 9781617390791
Release 2011-01
Pages 129
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When most people imagine a newborn baby girl, they think of bows, ballet lessons, and future boyfriend issues. Kim Stults was no different...until her daughter, Lorena, was born. Kim knew something was wrong when after a few weeks, Lorena didn't smile, roll over, or grab at objects as most babies do. After countless doctor visits, therapy sessions, and appointments with specialists, Lorena's diagnosis as autistic was confirmed. Lessons from Lorena: Living with Autism chronicles the painful years Kim and her family faced before Lorena was finally pronounced autistic at age five and offers experienced advice from the mother of an autistic child. Dealing with the challenges raising an autistic child presented, Kim's emotions ran the gamut from pain, frustration, and anger to gratefulness, happiness, and hope...often in a matter of hours. Written in the down-to-earth style of a loving mother who has dealt with everything from chocolate pudding-smeared walls to hurtful comments from uninformed strangers To The joy of finally being able to communicate with her non-verbal daughter, Lessons from Lorena: Living with Autism is an invaluable tool to parents of autistic children but is applicable to anyone facing the struggles of day-to-day living.

The American Jury On Trial

The American Jury On Trial Author Saul M. Kassin
ISBN-10 9781135874650
Release 2013-10-08
Pages 246
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