Lightning Moments: Within seconds, life changed forever...

Lightning Moments: Within seconds, life changed forever... Author Devri Ficklin
Release 2017-04-26
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Struck by lightning, Devri Ficklin should be dead - but she’s not! Having recovered from a disheartening divorce, death, and financial ruin life seemed to be on track, then within seconds a bolt of lightning, changed everything.

We all experience them, Lighting Moments, the pivotal events in our lives that change us, forever. Inside this impassioned journey of healing, readers learn through Ficklin’s Lightning Moment, step-by-step systems that can help them overcome personal challenges and transform their life.

“The biggest battle you will ever fight is within your own mind.” Ficklin shares, “Learn to focus your thought – it’s simple, not easy – however the effort is worth it!” Lightning Moments will help you discover the steps to turn personal crises into an extraordinary life!