In the City of Bikes

In the City of Bikes Author Pete Jordan
ISBN-10 9780062100641
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 448
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Pete Jordan, author of the wildly popular Dishwasher: One Man’s Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States, is back with a memoir that tells the story of his love affair with Amsterdam, the city of bikes, all the while unfolding an unknown history of the city's cycling, from the craze of the 1890s, through the Nazi occupation, to the bike-centric culture adored by the world today Pete never planned to stay long in Amsterdam, just a semester. But he quickly falls in love with the city and soon his wife, Amy Joy, joins him. Together they explore every inch of their new home on two wheels, their rides a respite from the struggles that come with starting a new life in a new country. Weaving together personal anecdotes and details of the role that cycling has played throughout Dutch history, Pete Jordan’s In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist is a poignant and entertaining read.

The City Reader

The City Reader Author Richard T. LeGates
ISBN-10 9781135264123
Release 2011-01-11
Pages 704
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The fifth edition of the highly successful City Reader juxtaposes the best classic and contemporary writings on the city. It contains fifty-seven selections including seventeen new contributions by experts including Elijah Anderson, Robert Bruegmann, Michael Dear, Jan Gehl, Harvey Molotch, Clarence Perry, Daphne Spain, Nigel Taylor, Samuel Bass Warner, and others – some of which have been newly written exclusively for The City Reader. Classic writings from Ebenezer Howard, Ernest W. Burgess, LeCorbusier, Lewis Mumford, Jane Jacobs and Louis Wirth, meet the best contemporary writings of Sir Peter Hall, Manuel Castells, David Harvey, Kenneth Jackson. This edition of The City Reader has been extensively updated and expanded to reflect the latest thinking in each of the disciplinary areas included and in topical areas such as sustainable urban development, climate change, globalization, and the impact of technology on cities. The plate sections have been extensively revised and expanded and a new plate section on global cities has been added. The anthology features general and section introductions and introductions to the selected articles. New to the fifth edition is a bibliography listing over 100 of the top books for those studying Cities.

Revolution im Radtourismus durch E Bikes Ausweitung des Aktionsraumes in Mittel und Hochgebirge

Revolution im Radtourismus durch E Bikes  Ausweitung des Aktionsraumes in Mittel  und Hochgebirge Author Matthias Breuer
ISBN-10 9783954252701
Release 2013-01
Pages 160
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Kaum eine Woche vergeht, in der nicht ein Artikel zum Thema Elektromobilität in einer Tageszeitung erscheint. Unabhängig davon ist das altbewährte Fahrrad als nachhaltiges Verkehrsmittel moderner und beliebter denn je. Die Synthese beider Trends - das „E-Bike“ - ist in aller Munde. Diese Aktualität schafft Raum für ein innovatives, interdisziplinäres und transdisziplinäres Forschungsfeld, auf dessen Ergebnisse viele Wirtschaftszweige mit Spannung warten. Im Freizeit- und Tourismusmarkt ist das E-Bike eine besondere Innovation, welche schon mehrfach Anwendung findet. Bisher fehlt jedoch eine Studie, welche die Potenziale und Erfolgsfaktoren des Elektrofahrrads im Hinblick auf unterschiedliche Landschaftstypen beleuchtet. Vor diesem Hintergrund konnte die vorliegende Studie mit der Motivation erstellt werden, die Thematik erstmals aus raumwissenschaftlicher Sicht zu hinterfragen und Erkenntnisse für die Tourismusbranche zu gewinnen.

Pedal Portland

Pedal Portland Author Todd Roll
ISBN-10 9781604696028
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 224
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Pedal Portland is the ultimate guide for riding like a local. Portland is beautiful, and the ever-expanding bike infrastructure makes for safe and pleasant riding. And it is a city full of bicyclists: 40 percent of residents bike recreationally and nearly 10 percent commute daily on bike. No wonder Bicycling magazine regularly names it one of the top cities to bike in America! Pedal Portland celebrates the city’s passion for pedaling in an accessible, fun, and family-friendly way with rides that explore the most interesting parts of the city, from north to northwest to northeast, southwest to southeast, and the surrounding areas like Beaverton and Vancouver. The rides are accessible to anyone with a bike and range from eight to twelve miles but can be shortened by taking advantage of the city’s bike-friendly public transportation. Each route features a scavenger hunt that highlights the quirky and interesting sites along the way and includes tips on where to eat, drink, and stop to appreciate the view.

Best Bike Rides New York City

Best Bike Rides New York City Author Mary Staub
ISBN-10 9781493010288
Release 2014-05-20
Pages 320
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Best Bike Rides New York City describes more than 40 of the greatest recreational rides in New York City. Road rides, rail trails, bike paths, and single-track mountain bike rides all get included. Most rides are in the 5 to 30 mile range, allowing for great afternoon outings and family adventures.

Where to Bike Portland

Where to Bike Portland Author Anne Lee
ISBN-10 0987168665
Release 2012
Pages 285
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Where to Bike Portland, is a cycling guide to the city for recreational cyclists who want to know more about fun interesting places to ride their bikes for family time, fun and fitness. Cycling is free, healthy, environmentally friendly, sustainable and most of all fun. But Where to Ride? This book contains 47 interesting rides for adults and 26 kids' rides to motivate and inspire. It also includes a section covering how to prepare and what to take with you.

Urban Cycling Survival Guide The

Urban Cycling Survival Guide  The Author Yvonne Bambrick
ISBN-10 9781770907102
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 208
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City cycling made simple North America's cities have long been the domain of the car, but thanks to the undeniable benefits of active transport, bicycles have an increasing presence in the urban landscape. Yet our cities weren't designed for bicycles, making for intimidating, and sometimes dangerous, environments for cyclists. The Urban Cycling Survival Guide is an accessible, straight-forward pocket guide that helps cyclists new to the urban environment negotiate all the challenges, obstacles, and rules - spoken and unspoken Ñ that come with sharing the roads. From picking the bike that's right for you to smart riding strategies, tips for drivers, and bike maintenance, Cycle Toronto founding executive director Yvonne Bambrick is your trusted guide. With illustrations to help clarify even the trickiest bike situation, The Urban Cycling Survival Guide is an indispensible, attractive set of training wheels that can make anyone a confident, joyful city rider.

Bikes of Burden

Bikes of Burden Author Hans Kemp
ISBN-10 3938121513
Release 2011
Pages 160
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Bikes of Burden has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bikes of Burden also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bikes of Burden book for free.

Best Bike Rides Philadelphia

Best Bike Rides Philadelphia Author Tom Hammell
ISBN-10 9780762788675
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 304
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describes 40 of the greatest recreational rides in the Philadelphia area, including road rides, rail trails, bike paths, and single-track mountain bike rides. Most rides are in the 5 to 30 mile range, allowing for great afternoon outings and family adventures. Each ride includes a map, a log of significant milepoints, a text description of the ride, the GPS coordinates of the start-finish point, and color photos of one the ride’s features. Also included are information on local restaurants, lodging, maps, bicycle shops, other facilities for cyclists, and community resources.

Bike NYC

Bike NYC Author Ed Glazar
ISBN-10 9781628730029
Release 2011-07-05
Pages 192
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With an average of 236,000 New Yorkers biking per day, Bike NYC is the definitive guide to bicycling culture in the city’s fastest growing mode of transportation from the authors of the popular Part guidebook, photo essay, history and human-interest story, this book offers instructions for a dozen rides led by seasoned tour guides through all of the five boroughs. Rediscover the city and its biking culture through: • A scenic trip up the Hudson during the peak of the fall foliage • A Halloween night ride through the brownstones of Brooklyn to the parallel universe of the Kensington mansions • NYC bike clubs such as the Classic Rider • Front row seats to the Alley Cat races With extras such as maps, safety tips, bike shop rankings, public bathroom locations, accessories, and fashion dos and don’ts, Bike NYC is the essential guide for urban cyclists.

Electric Bikes in the People s Republic of China

Electric Bikes in the People s Republic of China Author Asian Development Bank
ISBN-10 9789292547097
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 92
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Electric bikes (e-bikes) provide low-cost, convenient, and relatively energy-efficient transportation to an estimated 40 million-50 million people in the People's Republic of China (PRC), quickly becoming one of the dominant travel modes in the country. As e-bike use grows, concerns are rising about lead pollution from their batteries and emissions from their use of grid electricity, primarily generated by coal power plants. This report analyzes the environmental performance of e-bikes relative to other competing modes, their market potential, and the viability of alternative battery technologies. It also frames the role of e-bikes in the PRC's transportation system and recommends policy for decision makers in the PRC's central and municipal governments.

Clean Up City Park Ride Bikes Not Cars We Need New Playground Equipment

Clean Up City Park   Ride Bikes  Not Cars   We Need New Playground Equipment Author Cynthia Swain
ISBN-10 9781608596218
Release 2009-01-01
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Do you have an idea to make your world a better place? Then make your ideas known by writing letters to people who can help. How?

The New York Nobody Knows

The New York Nobody Knows Author William B. Helmreich
ISBN-10 9781400848317
Release 2013-10-20
Pages 480
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As a child growing up in Manhattan, William Helmreich played a game with his father called "Last Stop." They would pick a subway line, ride it to its final destination, and explore the neighborhood. Decades later, his love for exploring the city is as strong as ever. Putting his feet to the test, he decided that the only way to truly understand New York was to walk virtually every block of all five boroughs—an astonishing 6,000 miles. His journey took him to every corner of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Helmreich spoke with hundreds of New Yorkers from every part of the globe and all walks of life. He finds that to be a New Yorker is to struggle to understand the place and to make a life that is as highly local as it is dynamically cosmopolitan. Truly unforgettable, The New York Nobody Knows will forever change how you view the world's greatest city.

Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World

Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World Author Alex Newson
ISBN-10 9781840916508
Release 2013-09-02
Pages 112
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The Design Museum brings you fifty bicycles that changed the world we live in! The bicycle is the world's most popular form of transport. From the penny-farthing, the Dandy-horse and the Velocipede the design of the bicycle has evolved over the decades both in terms of style and technology. From high-performance cycles to practical run-arounds, conceptual bikes to commercial models, Alex Newson explores the 50 most important, pivotal bicycles from around the world. The bicycle is the world's most popular form of transport. From the penny-farthing, the Dandy-horse and the Velocipede the design of the bicycle has evolved over the decades both in terms of style and technology. From high-performance cycles to practical run-arounds, conceptual bikes to commercial models, here are the 50 most important, pivotal bicycles from around the world. Contents Includes... Laufmaschine c.1817 Velocipede c.1863 Safety Bicycle c.1880 The tandem 1898 The cargo bike 1900s BSA 3-Speed Hub 1930-40 Flying Pigeon PA-02 c.1950 PARIS Galibier c.1947 Raleigh Chopper 1969 Dawes Galaxy 1971 Avatar 2000 1980 AM series Moulton Bicycle 1983 STRiDA 1985 Kestrel 4000 1986 'Old Faithful' 1993 Airnimal Chameleon c.2000 Bianchi Pista Chrome 2007 EADS Airebike 2011 Faraday Porteur 2013 ...And Much More!

Where to Bike Chicago

Where to Bike Chicago Author Greg Borzo
ISBN-10 0980750229
Release 2010-11
Pages 280
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Written by a native of the Windy City, "Where to Bike in Chicago" offers cyclists the best biking routes in the city and surrounding suburbs.

Reconsidering the Bicycle

Reconsidering the Bicycle Author Luis Antonio Vivanco
ISBN-10 9780415503884
Release 2013
Pages 153
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In cities throughout the world, bicycles have gained a high profile in recent years, with politicians and activists promoting initiatives like bike lanes, bikeways, bike share programs, and other social programs to get more people on bicycles. Bicycles in the city are, some would say, the wave of the future for car-choked, financially-strapped, obese, and sustainability-sensitive urban areas. This book explores how and why people are reconsidering the bicycle, no longer thinking of it simply as a toy or exercise machine, but as a potential solution to a number of contemporary problems. It focuses in particular on what reconsidering the bicycle might mean for everyday practices and politics of urban mobility, a concept that refers to the intertwined physical, technological, social, and experiential dimensions of human movement. This book is for Introductory Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Sociology, Environmental Anthropology, and all undergraduate courses on the environment and on sustainability throughout the social sciences.

Intimate Bicycle Tours of Philadelphia

Intimate Bicycle Tours of Philadelphia Author Patricia Vance
ISBN-10 081221868X
Release 2004-02-24
Pages 207
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In a series of ten short, easy routes, Intimate Bicycle Tours of Philadelphia takes readers through vibrant Philadelphia neighborhoods, revealing a treasure trove of cultural riches normally missed when traveling by car. On tiny streets, elegant boulevards, and bicycle paths, readers are guided past historic sites, public parks and squares, exceptional architecture, and one of the world's best collections of public art, all accompanied by Patricia Vance's engaging, lively narrative. As any avid cyclist knows, the bicycle is an ideal vehicle for sightseeing. It is possible to travel farther than on foot, yet the pace is slow enough to afford opportunities to take in all the details—and parking is as close as a bike rack or signpost. This is the only Philadelphia guidebook written specifically for cyclists and, unlike most guidebooks, it includes ready-made tours. Intimate Bicycle Tours of Philadelphia removes all the guesswork and is easy to follow, fun, and informative. The tours take cyclists from Center City's world-renowned museums and cultural institutions, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Independence Hall, to the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia, through Fairmount Park, and on to the idyllic, tree-lined streets of Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy. Every tour includes directions to the start, a map of the route, and information about visiting each site. Such practical information as where to find restaurants and bicycle shops is also included.