Consumers Imperium

Consumers  Imperium Author Kristin L. Hoganson
ISBN-10 0807888885
Release 2010-03-15
Pages 416
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Histories of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era tend to characterize the United States as an expansionist nation bent on Americanizing the world without being transformed itself. In Consumers' Imperium, Kristin Hoganson reveals the other half of the story, demonstrating that the years between the Civil War and World War I were marked by heightened consumption of imports and strenuous efforts to appear cosmopolitan. Hoganson finds evidence of international connections in quintessentially domestic places--American households. She shows that well-to-do white women in this era expressed intense interest in other cultures through imported household objects, fashion, cooking, entertaining, armchair travel clubs, and the immigrant gifts movement. From curtains to clothing, from around-the-world parties to arts and crafts of the homelands exhibits, Hoganson presents a new perspective on the United States in the world by shifting attention from exports to imports, from production to consumption, and from men to women. She makes it clear that globalization did not just happen beyond America's shores, as a result of American military might and industrial power, but that it happened at home, thanks to imports, immigrants, geographical knowledge, and consumer preferences. Here is an international history that begins at home.


Imperium Author Ryszard Kapuscinski
ISBN-10 9780804150712
Release 2013-07-24
Pages 352
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Ryszard Kapuscinski's last book, The Soccer War -a revelation of the contemporary experience of war -- prompted John le Carre to call the author "the conjurer extraordinary of modern reportage." Now, in Imperium, Kapuscinski gives us a work of equal emotional force and evocative power: a personal, brilliantly detailed exploration of the almost unfathomably complex Soviet empire in our time. He begins with his own childhood memories of the postwar Soviet occupation of Pinsk, in what was then Poland's eastern frontier ("something dreadful and this world that I enter at seven years of age"), and takes us up to 1967, when, as a journalist just starting out, he traveled across a snow-covered and desolate Siberia, and through the Soviet Union's seven southern and Central Asian republics, territories whose individual histories, cultures, and religions he found thriving even within the "stiff, rigorous corset of Soviet power." Between 1989 and 1991, Kapuscinski made a series of extended journeys through the disintegrating Soviet empire, and his account of these forms the heart of the book. Bypassing official institutions and itineraries, he traversed the Soviet territory alone, from the border of Poland to the site of the most infamous gulags in far-eastern Siberia (where "nature pals it up with the executioner"), from above the Arctic Circle to the edge of Afghanistan, visiting dozens of cities and towns and outposts, traveling more than 40,000 miles, venturing into the individual lives of men, women, and children in order to Understand the collapsing but still various larger life of the empire. Bringing the book to a close is a collection of notes which, Kapuscinski writes, "arose in the margins of my journeys" -- reflections on the state of the ex-USSR and on his experience of having watched its fate unfold "on the screen of a television well as on the screen of the country's ordinary, daily reality, which surrounded me during my travels." It is this "schizophrenic perception in two different dimensions" that enabled Kapuscinski to discover and illuminate the most telling features of a society in dire turmoil. Imperium is a remarkable work from one of the most original and sharply perceptive interpreters of our world -- galvanizing narrative deeply informed by Kapuscinski's limitless curiosity and his passion for truth, and suffused with his vivid sense of the overwhelming importance of history as it is lived, and of our constantly shifting places within it.


Imperium Author Christian Kracht
ISBN-10 9780374709860
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 192
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An outrageous, fantastical, uncategorizable novel of obsession, adventure, and coconuts In 1902, a radical vegetarian and nudist from Nuremberg named August Engelhardt set sail for what was then called the Bismarck Archipelago. His destination: the island Kabakon. His goal: to found a colony based on worship of the sun and coconuts. His malnourished body was found on the beach on Kabakon in 1919; he was forty-three years old. Christian Kracht's Imperium uses the outlandish details of Engelhardt's life to craft a fable about the allure of extremism and its fundamental foolishness. Engelhardt is at once a sympathetic outsider—mocked, misunderstood, physically assaulted—and a rigid ideologue, and his misguided notions of purity and his spiral into madness presage the horrors of the mid-twentieth century. Playing with the tropes of classic adventure tales like Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe, Kracht's novel, an international bestseller, is funny, bizarre, shocking, and poignant—sometimes all on the same page. His allusions are misleading, his historical time lines are twisted, his narrator is unreliable—and the result is a novel that is also a mirror cabinet and a maze pitted with trapdoors. Both a provocative satire and a serious meditation on the fragility and audacity of human activity, Imperium is impossible to categorize, and utterly unlike anything you've read before.

Imperium Sine Fine

Imperium Sine Fine Author Jerzy Linderski
ISBN-10 3515069488
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 234
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Aus dem Inhalt: George W. Houston: Fasti Broughtoniani: The Professional Activities and Published Works of Thomas Robert Shannon Broughton Working on the Magistrates: An Excerpt from T. R. S. BroughtonAes Autobiography George W. Houston: Broughton Remembered Ronald T. Ridley: T. R. S. Broughton and Friedrich Munzer T. P. Wiseman: The Minucii and Their Monument Robert E. A. Palmer: The Deconstruction of Mommsen on Festus 462/464 L, or the Hazards of Interpretation C. F. Konrad: Notes on Roman Also-Rans Jerzy Linderski: Q. Scipio Imperator Ernst Badian: Tribuni Plebis and Res Publica Erich S. Gruen: The Roman Oligarchy: Image and Perception


Imperium Author Robert Harris
ISBN-10 0743293878
Release 2006-09-19
Pages 320
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From the bestselling author of Fatherland and Pompeii, comes the first novel of a trilogy about the struggle for power in ancient Rome. In his “most accomplished work to date” (Los Angeles Times), master of historical fiction Robert Harris lures readers back in time to the compelling life of Roman Senator Marcus Cicero. The re-creation of a vanished biography written by his household slave and righthand man, Tiro, Imperium follows Cicero’s extraordinary struggle to attain supreme power in Rome. On a cold November morning, Tiro opens the door to find a terrified, bedraggled stranger begging for help. Once a Sicilian aristocrat, the man was robbed by the corrupt Roman governor, Verres, who is now trying to convict him under false pretenses and sentence him to a violent death. The man claims that only the great senator Marcus Cicero, one of Rome’s most ambitious lawyers and spellbinding orators, can bring him justice in a crooked society manipulated by the villainous governor. But for Cicero, it is a chance to prove himself worthy of absolute power. What follows is one of the most gripping courtroom dramas in history, and the beginning of a quest for political glory by a man who fought his way to the top using only his voice—defeating the most daunting figures in Roman history.

A World of Regions

A World of Regions Author Peter J. Katzenstein
ISBN-10 9781501700378
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 320
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Observing the dramatic shift in world politics since the end of the Cold War, Peter J. Katzenstein argues that regions have become critical to contemporary world politics. This view is in stark contrast to those who focus on the purportedly stubborn persistence of the nation-state or the inevitable march of globalization. In detailed studies of technology and foreign investment, domestic and international security, and cultural diplomacy and popular culture, Katzenstein examines the changing regional dynamics of Europe and Asia, which are linked to the United States through Germany and Japan. Regions, Katzenstein contends, are interacting closely with an American imperium that combines territorial and non-territorial powers. Katzenstein argues that globalization and internationalization create open or porous regions. Regions may provide solutions to the contradictions between states and markets, security and insecurity, nationalism and cosmopolitanism. Embedded in the American imperium, regions are now central to world politics.


Imperium Author Francis Parker Yockey
ISBN-10 9780956183576
Release 2013-01-14
Pages 926
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Written without notes in Ireland, and first published pseudonymously in 1948, Imperium is Francis Parker Yockey’s masterpiece. It is a critique of 19th-century rationalism and materialism, synthesising Oswald Spengler, Carl Schmitt, and Klaus Haushofer’s geopolitics. In particular, it rethinks the themes of Spengler’s The Decline of the West in an effort to account for the United States’ then recent involvement in World War II and for the task bequeathed to Europe’s political soldiers in the struggle to unite the Continent—heroically, rather than economically—in the realisation of the destiny implied in European High Culture. Yockey’s radical attack on liberal thought, especially that embodied by Americanism (distinct from America or Americans), condemned his work to obscurity, its appeal limited to the post-war fascist underground. Yet, Imperium transcents both the immediate post-war situation and its initial readership: it opened pathways to a deconstruction of liberalism, and introduced the concept of cultural vitalism— the organic conceptualisation of culture, with all that attends to it. These contributions are even more relevant now than in their day, and provide us with a deeper understanding of, as well as tools to deal with, the situation in the West in current century. It is with this in mind that the present, 900-page, fully-annotated edition is offered, complete with a major foreword by Dr Kerry Bolton, Julius Evola’s review as an afterword (in a fresh new translation), a comprehensive index, a chronology of Yockey's life, and an appendix, revealing, for the first time, much previously unknown information about the author's genealogical background.


Imperium Author Keith Laumer
ISBN-10 9780743499033
Release 2005
Pages 465
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The Lord of the Timelines explores alternate realities and parallel worlds that include an Earth destroyed in an atomic holocaust, an Earth where the Magna Carta was never signed, and an Earth where homo sapiens stand at the lowest point on the biological spectrum, in an omnibus edition that includes Worlds of the Imperium, Assignment in Nowhere, and The Other Side of Time.

Imperium and Sacerdotium According to St Basil the Great

Imperium and Sacerdotium According to St  Basil the Great Author Gerald Francis Reilly
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3375079
Release 1945
Pages 159
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Imperium and Sacerdotium According to St Basil the Great has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Imperium and Sacerdotium According to St Basil the Great also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Imperium and Sacerdotium According to St Basil the Great book for free.

Imperium in Imperio

Imperium in Imperio Author Sutton Griggs
ISBN-10 9780307431264
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 208
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Self-published in 1899 and sold door-to-door by the author, this classic African-American novel—a gripping exploration of oppression, miscegenation, exploitation, and black empowerment—was a major bestseller in its day. The dramatic story of a conciliatory black man and a mulatto nationalist who grow up in a racist America and are driven to join a radical movement dedicated to the creation of an all-black nation in Texas, Imperium in Imperio had a profound influence on the development of black nationalism. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Imperium Author Christian Kracht
ISBN-10 9755397612
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 192
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Imperium has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Imperium also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Imperium book for free.

T daiji and the Nara imperium

T  daiji and the Nara imperium Author Joan R. Piggott
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105004669706
Release 1987
Pages 324
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T daiji and the Nara imperium has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from T daiji and the Nara imperium also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full T daiji and the Nara imperium book for free.

Worlds of the Imperium

Worlds of the Imperium Author Keith Laumer
ISBN-10 9780486808666
Release 2017-01-18
Pages 176
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American diplomat Brion Bayard is on assignment in Stockholm when he notices he's being shadowed. Before he can escape, Bayard is kidnapped and transported to a parallel universe: the Imperium, where history has taken a different turn and the British Empire and its allies rule the world. Yet another parallel world exists, and the Imperium has a task there for their reluctant visitor: the impersonation and assassination of a global dictator who happens to be Bayard's otherworldly double. This adventurous, action-packed novel is the work of award-winning author Keith Laumer, creator of the Bolo and Reteif stories. Science-fiction enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy alternate histories, will savor the twists and turns of this imaginative thriller.

Imperium and Cosmos

Imperium and Cosmos Author Paul Rehak
ISBN-10 0299220141
Release 2009-04-08
Pages 288
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Caesar Augustus promoted a modest image of himself as the first among equals (princeps), a characterization that was as popular with the ancient Romans as it is with many scholars today. Paul Rehak argues against this impression of humility and suggests that, like the monarchs of the Hellenistic age, Augustus sought immortality—an eternal glory gained through deliberate planning for his niche in history while flexing his existing power. Imperium and Cosmos focuses on Augustus’s Mausoleum and Ustrinum (site of his cremation), the Horologium-Solarium (a colossal sundial), and the Ara Pacis (Altar to Augustan Peace), all of which transformed the northern Campus Martius into a tribute to his major achievements in life and a vast memorial for his deification after death. Rehak closely examines the artistic imagery on these monuments, providing numerous illustrations, tables, and charts. In an analysis firmly contextualized by a thorough discussion of the earlier models and motifs that inspired these Augustan monuments, Rehak shows how the princeps used these on such an unprecedented scale as to truly elevate himself above the common citizen.


Imperium Author Hilary Davies
ISBN-10 UOM:39015061446509
Release 2005
Pages 64
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Imperium opens with a high seriousness rare in contemporary poetry. Seven 'sacraments’ - meditations on those moments at which the sacred can still touch our lives - are followed by nineteen sonnets dedicated to the 'dismembered spirit’ of the poet’s father. But the collection is dominated by the title poem, a fine successor to the historical sequences which distinguished Hilary Davies’ last collection, In a Valley of This Restless Mind. Using a range of voices and perspectives, she creates a narrative of the Napoleonic Wars, taking us from Chatham Docks to Aboukir, from a Glamorgan foundry to Trafalgar. Here and in the book’s final sequence, 'Southwark’, which swings between a prehistoric 'wattenmeer’ and the London of 1958, then back to Roman times via a wonderfully riotous Elizabethan South Bank, Davies satisfies us both emotionally and intellectually, drawing from her historical sources a rich, invigorating music.

Imperium Romanum

Imperium Romanum Author Andrew Lintott
ISBN-10 9781135859725
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 264
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The Roman Empire at its height encompassed the majority of the world known to the Romans. This important synthesis of recent findings and scholarship demonstrates how the Romans acquired, kept and controlled their Empire. Lintott goes beyond the preconceptions formed in the period of British Imperial rule and provides a contemporary post-imperial approach to the Roman exercise of power.

States Rights and the Union

States  Rights and the Union Author Forrest McDonald
ISBN-10 UOM:39015049625620
Release 2000
Pages 296
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Illuminates the history of and issues surrounding state's rights, from the birth of the republic through the 1870s.