Heart Shaped Box

Heart Shaped Box Author Joe Hill
ISBN-10 9780575086876
Release 2010-06-10
Pages 416
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'Buy my stepfather's ghost' read the e-mail. So Jude did. He bought it, in the shape of the dead man's suit, delivered in a heart-shaped box, because he wanted it: because his fans ate up that kind of story. It was perfect for his collection: the genuine skulls and the bones, the real honest-to-God snuff movie, the occult books and all the rest of the paraphanalia that goes along with his kind of hard/goth rock. But the rest of his collection doesn't make the house feel cold. The bones don't make the dogs bark; the movie doesn't make Jude feel as if he's being watched. And none of the artefacts bring a vengeful old ghost with black scribbles over his eyes out of the shadows to chase Jude out of his home, and make him run for his life ...

The Complete Guide to Godly Play

The Complete Guide to Godly Play Author Jerome W. Berryman
ISBN-10 9781889108964
Release 2002-09-01
Pages 5
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14 Core Presentations –an opening lesson on the church year followed by 13 Old Testament stories, from creation through the prophets.

Wedding Journals and Keepsake Gifts

Wedding Journals and Keepsake Gifts Author
ISBN-10 9781616735296
Release 2008
Pages 112
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Wedding Journals and Keepsake Gifts has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wedding Journals and Keepsake Gifts also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wedding Journals and Keepsake Gifts book for free.

Two Hour Beaded Projects

Two Hour Beaded Projects Author Ann Benson
ISBN-10 0806942711
Release 1997-08-01
Pages 127
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Start simply with framed birdhouses, snowman Christmas ornaments, and decorative dish towels. Any design can be used for other projects. Includes three-dimensional ribbon, painted and mixed-media appliqué, as well as ideas for appliquéing to non-fabric backgrounds such as paper and wood.

Sharing Through Primary Songs

Sharing Through Primary Songs Author Alison Palmer
ISBN-10 9780882908113
Release 2007-10-01
Pages 140
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Book; Bear your testimony through song, as you help children feel the Spirit and know the gospel is true. Music can teach when words fail. Combining words and music creates beautiful opportunities for children to learn things they will always remember. When music and gospel lessons are combined, young minds are enlightened and better able to understand gospel messages. However, this can often be a challenge that requires early preparation and more communication and cooperation among teachers. Each lesson includes a list of materials, necessary preparations, teaching suggestions, and songs to help children learn the gospel. Make teaching children more effective and fun with Sharing Through Primary Songs Special Occasions! Other works by Alison Palmer include Sharing Through Song Volumes One and Two, Sharing Through Primary Songs Volumes Three and Four, Planting Seeds of Faith, and Walking the Path of Faith.

Spell Castings

Spell Castings Author Sister Moon
ISBN-10 9781564148773
Release 2006
Pages 287
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Have you ever lit a pink candle on a Friday night and thought about the love you would like to have in your life? Maybe even closed your eyes and pictured that perfect person? Have you ever walked into a room, known you were not alone, and said a prayer for protection? Have you ever looked at a telephone, wishing it would ring, and it did? If you have had these or similar experiences, you have put the cosmic forces of the universe to work without even realizing it. Imagine what would happen if you decided to consciously focus your energy, willing these things to happen. Would they? Spell Castings contains more than 100 easy-to-use, practical spells to help you achieve and accomplish your dreams. Spell Castings can be performed by the experienced Witch, but are easy enough for the novice. Specific procedures--including the use of various supplies needed to cast the spells--are completely explained. Spell Castings is divided into color-coded chapters to help you determine which spell you desire to cast. For example, the "purple" chapter includes spells to become more psychic or to help you perform more intuitive readings. If you were seeking a money spell or better employment spell, you would look under the "green" chapter. The color-coded appendix will lead you to the areas you are most interested in casting.

The Material Culture of the Jacobites

The Material Culture of the Jacobites Author Neil Guthrie
ISBN-10 9781107041332
Release 2013-12-12
Pages 284
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Comprehensive study of material objects associated with the Jacobites, produced, acquired and treasured in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Popular Science

Popular Science Author
Release 1931-03
Pages 154
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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.


Scouting Author
Release 2001-10
Pages 60
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Published by the Boy Scouts of America for all BSA registered adult volunteers and professionals, Scouting magazine offers editorial content that is a mixture of information, instruction, and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers' abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

Fabulous Fabric

Fabulous Fabric Author Laura Scott
ISBN-10 159217017X
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 176
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Beautiful home decor items, made with great fabrics, that don't require threading a sewing machine! The chapters go room by room through your home. Tackle redoing just one room at a time, but before you begin browse through the entire book. Ideas in one chapter may suit a room covered in a different chapter.


Vibe Author
Release 2005-02
Pages 152
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Vibe is the lifestyle guide to urban music and culture including celebrities, fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, automotive, personal care/grooming, and, always, music. Edited for a multicultural audience Vibe creates trends as much as records them.

Trade Dress and Design Law

Trade Dress and Design Law Author Graeme B. Dinwoodie
ISBN-10 9781454831693
Release 2014-12-09
Pages 608
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Building on their well-received casebook, Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Law and Policy, the authors present Trade Dress and Design Law, the first student text to offer an integrated treatment of the forms of intellectual property protection available for trade dress and designs. This exceptional paperback may be used as the main text in an advanced course devoted to trade dress and designs, or may be used as a supplemental text for an advanced survey course or a variety of other intellectual property courses. This addition to the exciting Elective Series offers an analysis and comparison of the protection of trade dress and designs under numerous intellectual property regimes, including: a detailed exploration of the protection of trade dress and designs under trademark and unfair competition laws thorough treatment of design patent law, an area that is neglected in most student texts on intellectual property exploration of the application of copyright protection to pictorial, graphic and sculptural works, architectural works, and works of visual art, among others coverage of sui generis design protection regimes integrated discussions of European and international sources

Paper and Paperboard Packaging Technology

Paper and Paperboard Packaging Technology Author Mark J. Kirwan
ISBN-10 9781405168458
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 456
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This book discusses all the main types of packaging based on paper and paperboard. It considers the raw materials and manufacture of paper and paperboard, and the basic properties and features on which packaging made from these materials depends for its appearance and performance. The manufacture of twelve types of paper- and paperboard-based packaging is described, together with their end-use applications and the packaging machinery involved. The importance of pack design is stressed, and how these materials offer packaging designers opportunities for imaginative and innovative design solutions. Environmental and waste management issues are addressed in a separate chapter. The book is directed at those joining companies which manufacture packaging grades of paper and paperboard, companies involved in the design, printing and production of packaging, and companies which manufacture inks, coatings, adhesives and packaging machinery. It will be essential reading for students of packaging technology.

Pathways To Number

Pathways To Number Author Jacqueline Bideaud
ISBN-10 9781134762934
Release 2013-03-07
Pages 418
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This volume celebrates the 50th anniversary of the famous and influential work of Jean Piaget and Alina Szeminska, The Child's Conception of Number. It is a tribute to those two authors as well as to the entire Geneva school that pioneered the genetic study of cognitive structures in children. Dealing with the process of the child's construction of the notion of number -- a very important subject for the child as well as for the teacher, the researcher, and the practicing psychologist -- it summarizes the progress that has been made and outlines new research directions in this area. The book is a compilation of the work of the foremost international researchers in this area and includes a wide spectrum of viewpoints and schools of thought. It also introduces several new authors from Europe, including students of Piaget, to the American academic community.

If the Garfish Don t Bite

If the Garfish Don t Bite Author Alice Lunsford
ISBN-10 9781480924840
Release 2017-01-17
Pages 248
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If the Garfish Don’t Bite by Alice Lunsford Mary Alice struggles to navigate the world of adults around her. Although she lives in a town plagued by the KKK, she doesn’t understand how there can be so much hatred in a person’s heart. Surrounded by racial injustice, Mary Alice tries to make sense of it all and find her spot in a place run by adults who all seem to know more than she does. While working on those mysteries, she also struggles to shed light in a few dark corners of her own personal life. However, as she grows up life seems to get more complicated. Secrets slowly began to reveal themselves, and Mary Alice must confront the underlying bigotry and violence that exists in her own hometown.

Treasured Possessions

Treasured Possessions Author Victoria Avery
ISBN-10 9781781300336
Release 2015-03-30
Pages 288
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This book explores the significance of beautiful and engaging objects – chosen, acquired, personalised and treasured – to the people who once owned them. With over 300 works discussed, it takes us on a dazzling visual adventure through the decorative arts, from Renaissance luxuries wrought in glass, bronze and maiolica to the elaborate tablewares and personal adornments available to shoppers in the Age of Enlightenment. En route the authors consider the impact of global trade on European habits and expectations: the glamour of the Eastern exotic, the ubiquity of New World products like chocolate and sugar, and the obsession with Chinoiserie decoration. They ask what decorative objects meant to their owners before the age of industrial mass production, and explore how technological innovation and the proliferation of goods from the sixteenth century onwards transformed the attitude of Europeans to their personal possessions. Illustrated throughout with superb colour photographs, many unfamiliar and hitherto unseen gems of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s Applied Arts collection are here published for the first time.

Heart shaped Bruise

Heart shaped Bruise Author Tanya Byrne
ISBN-10 9780755393060
Release 2012-05-10
Pages 205
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They say I'm evil. The police. The newspapers. The girls from school who sigh on the six o'clock news and say they always knew there was something not quite right about me. And everyone believes it. Including you. But you don't know. You don't know who I used to be. Who I could have been. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever shake off my mistakes or if I'll just carry them around with me forever like a bunch of red balloons. Awaiting trial at Archway Young Offenders Institution, Emily Koll is going to tell her side of the story for the first time. Heart-Shaped Bruise is a compulsive and moving novel about infamy, identity and how far a person might go to seek revenge.