The 2 Minute Yoga Solution

The 2 Minute Yoga Solution Author Nicole DeAvilla
ISBN-10 9781937445331
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 120
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Based on years of scientific research and testimonials, "The 2 Minute Yoga Solution" shows how the daily practice of its sequences is the best way to combat stress and back pain.

Fast Back Pain Relief

Fast Back Pain Relief Author Deborah Bleecker
ISBN-10 1940146194
Release 2016-11-23
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Fast Back Pain Relief has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fast Back Pain Relief also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fast Back Pain Relief book for free.

The 7 Day Back Pain Cure

The 7 Day Back Pain Cure Author Jesse Cannone
ISBN-10 9780976462484
Release 2009-08
Pages 212
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Popular treatment approaches like pain medications, muscle relaxants, steroid injections, surgery, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and massage therapy may be helpful in relieving pain temporarily, but they often fail to deliver lasting relief because they don't address what's actually causing the pain.

Fast Neck and Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture

Fast Neck and Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture Author Brad Whisnant
ISBN-10 1940146151
Release 2016-03-08
Pages 212
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** Acupuncture Textbook *** How to use acupuncture for instant pain relief for neck and upper back pain. Tung acupuncture and Balance Method, which was made popular by Dr. Tan. Point images included. How to choose the best meridian to quickly resolve pain.

Back Pain Exercises

Back Pain Exercises Author Brian Jeff
ISBN-10 1534853065
Release 2016-06-27
Pages 48
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Let's face it, back pain like every other pain can be extremely excruciating depending on the degree of the severity of such pains. Yes, while exercising can be of huge advantage to persons suffering from back pain and those seeking to forestall this condition in the nearest future, it must, however, be pointed out that exercising can actually portend great danger for persons with acute back pain! As a matter of fact, exercising might not really be possible for such persons therefore; it is not a good idea to recommend exercising to people with acute back pain! On the other hand, if what you have is chronic back pain, then a systematic or regular exercise regimen can typically be endorsed by your physician. Now, you might want to know the difference between acute back pain and chronic back pain. The major difference is that acute back pain is usually a sudden onset of sharp back pain, which can typically continue over a short period of time, while chronic back pain is a condition that continues over an extended period of time. Thus, it is prolonged or slow to heal. This is why persons suffering from chronic back pain are advised to visit their doctors or physiotherapists who will usually come up with an exercise regimen that will suit their need. The following exercises are useful for chronic back pain sufferers: Aerobic exercises Stretching exercises and Extension exercises Aerobic exercises are the kind of exercises that makes your heart rate to be raised for a certain period of time. Yes, it is typically referred to as cardio or cardiovascular exercises and it is recommended that you do thirty minutes of aerobic exercises at least three times per week. However, you might want to know the relevance of this type of exercises to a person with chronic back pain; well, it has been proven that aerobic exercises are excellent for working out the muscles especially, the large muscles of the back. Furthermore, jogging, walking, and swimming are suitable aerobic exercises for persons with chronic back pain. Nevertheless, exercises that involve vigorous banding, twisting like rolling, and contact sports like hockey, basketball or football should be avoided as these might cause further damage to the back. And for the sake of emphasis, you need to avoid high-impact exercises or activities especially, if you are suffering from any form of disc conditions. But now, I want you to get the book to gain access to the details of how you can actually get your relief for that back pain without any set back... yes, get the book - Back Pain Exercises: The Fast And Easy Back Exercises Tips And Lower Back Stretches That Guarantees Back Pain Relief And Get Rid Of It Forever!

Sciatica Back Pain Relief

Sciatica   Back Pain Relief Author Alan Shaw
ISBN-10 9788826039145
Release 2017-03-15
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From The Book: Thе author оf Sciatica SOS outlined several amazing lessons thаt саn quickly hasten уоur sciatica healing process. It contains varieties оf treatment modalities, teaches аnd suggests thе best оnе fоr уоu based оn уоur body’s peculiarity. All оf them capable оf helping уоu get healed аnd achieved a long-lasting sciatica relief аnd freedom. Among other amazing lessons you’ll come across іn thе sciatica SOS book manual аrе: Thе True Nature оf Sciatica - What thе sciatica pains аrе trying tо tell уоur body аnd whу іѕ іt ѕо rampant among us today. A Drug-Free Home Solution Thаt Relieves Pain All Naturally - How tо add thе right remedy into уоur daily food plus ѕоmе other essential choice herbs tо experience a beautiful sense оf calm аnd coolness well beyond уоur imagination. Xie’s Secrets Thаt Dial Back Thе Clock оn уоur Body’s Ills

Treat Back Pain Distally

Treat Back Pain Distally Author Brad Whisnant
ISBN-10 1940146119
Release 2015-08-12
Pages 334
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Treat back pain with acupuncture for instant results. Use Tung and Balance Method. Theory and Case Studies. Muscle Images. Tung Point location images. How to easily tell which meridian to treat for lower back pain, hip pain, coccyx, sacrum. There are 332 pages of theory, how to treat pain with 1-2 needles. How to treat chronic back pain after multiple surgeries. We call them acupuncture quickies. If your patient can barely walk due to back pain, there is a fast solution. The Balance Method, which has been made popular by Dr. Tan, is clearly explained. Tung acupuncture point images, TCM points images, all the images you need to do these treatments. It is all in one book. This is a complete reference for treating anything from BL 23 down to the coccyx.

Natural Back Pain Solutions

Natural Back Pain Solutions Author Deborah Bleecker
ISBN-10 1940146186
Release 2016-11-15
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Three Easy, Proven Steps to Relieve Pain Fast Fast and safe relief All natural remedies Treat the cause of back pain for lasting relief Discover why back surgery often fails Dozens of inexpensive remedies for pain

Mastering Tung Acupuncture Distal Imaging for Fast Pain Relief

Mastering Tung Acupuncture   Distal Imaging for Fast Pain Relief Author Brad Whisnant
ISBN-10 1940146062
Release 2015-01-22
Pages 206
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Take away the guess work Eliminate the complexity Want to know what works? Our Master Tung book about images, Mirrors and relationships was NOT only written to help explain these concepts, it was written to help you choose the BEST image in your clinic. --- No longer will it take 50,000 patients and 10 years to "figure out" what works "best." This book has done this for you. Honest, open, factual and clinically effective based Acupuncture tips for the 21st century The first of kind written not by a scholar, but a practitioner who treats 110 patients per week. The first of its kind to tell what ideas work best, TODAY, in a Western patient based clinic. The first of its kind based on getting RESULTS Use this book and watch your clinical success skyrocket. Improved results, happier patients, a busier office, and finally UNDERSTANDING the "what" the "why" and "which one should I use." Table of contents: Chapter 1 Why does imaging and mirroring work? Chapter 2 Imaging and Mirroring Techniques -1 for 1 image -12 segments -Fully clothed acupuncture -Face on leg or arm -Top 3 keys to using images and mirrors -Face and groin area -Full image or mirror on half a limb -Tissue correspondence- Like for Like -Image and mirror, homologous structure -Quarter image -Three Jiaos -Theory -Inguinal Crease -Scalp Image- How to avoid Du 1 treatments -Belly Face Chapter 3 Secrets to Success Chapter 4 Where does distal acupuncture fall short? Chapter 5 Letters to Brad - Your Questions Answered -Achilles tendon pain -Bulging disc, back pain and pinched nerve -Can you combine Tung with TCM? -Dizziness in older people is damp and phlegm -Dysmenorrhea treatment - Tung style -How to treat your own hip pain -Inguinal hernia -Low back pain - treated using homologous scapula -Man fell on carpet, now has neck pain -Meniere's, tinnitus and dizziness -Menstrual cycles and fertility timing -Mixing Chinese and Japanese, is that setting up for failure? -Nocturnal enuresis in a 10 year old boy -Parkinson's treatment -Post herpetic neuralgia -Quick fix for calming people -Restless leg syndrome -Severe sciatica in Australia -Varicose veins Chapter 6 Acupuncture Meridian Images Chapter 7 Imaging Tables Chapter 8 Tung Acupuncture Point Illustrations Chapter 9 Anatomy references - muscles and bones Chapter 10 Correspondence Images

Relief at Last

Relief at Last Author Sari Harrar
ISBN-10 9781609617868
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 608
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Chronic pain is something that no one should have to suffer from, yet 50 million Americans do. But new research can help put an end to that. Relief at Last! is a comprehensive guide that exposes the root causes of more than 60 common conditions--from tendinitis to heartburn to fibromyalgia--and helps readers find immediate relief from pain, in addition to everyday strategies to permanently alleviate ailments of the joints, muscles, and other achy body parts. So that readers don't need to wade through the staggering amount of contradictory information about what's safe and what's effective, Relief at Last! presents the latest doctor-reviewed research to provide an overview of where and why pain begins, and then put that knowledge to use in determining the best way to say goodbye to it forever--using proven combinations of conventional and complementary therapies. Pain is different for every individual. With the knowledge provided in Relief at Last! and an easy-to-use pain diary to track success, readers will equip themselves with all the tools needed to manage flare ups and find a customized solution to reduce their pain over the long term.

Anxiety Relief 101 Holistic Healing Secrets For Fast Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief  101 Holistic Healing Secrets For Fast Anxiety Relief Author Summer Accardo
ISBN-10 9788822890993
Release 2017-01-17
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Achieve Fast Anxiety Relief With 101 Secret Holistic Natural Remedies From Bestselling Author And Registered Nurse, Summer Accardo, RN This groundbreaking holisitc anxiety relief health book is jam packed with clinically proven alternative remedies that will give you fast relief from your chronic health and psychological problems. Here's what you'll learn: Which minerals provide fast anxiety relief Which foods provide dramatic anxiety relief The "worry trick" that will calm you quickly How to get rid of health anxiety once and for all How to eliminate social anxiety Strategies to overcome worry and negative thoughts Which simple activities can bring fast anxiety relief Why getting enough sleep can promote anxiety relief This unique anxiety workbook and health guide is your blueprint for happiness, better health, a stronger immune system, a peaceful life, and pain-free body. If you're overwhelmed by constant worry, stress, panic, anxiety, illness, or pain, you need this book. You CAN overcome your health and anxiety problems quickly and naturally. Bestselling author and registered nurse, Summer Accardo, RN shows you how! These holistic healing secrets can supercharge and outsmart your immunity to help keep you anxiety-free, healthy, happy, and feeling young. Take it from those who are living to 100 and beyond completely free from anxiety and stress! BUY NOW! Keywords: anxiety relief, anxiety workbook, anxiety and depression, mood disorders, anxiety, holistic healing, alternative therapies, holistic health, health books, medical books, alternative medicine books, herbal remedies, natural remedies, home remedies, healthy living, happiness books, self help books, diabetes books, natural healing, essential oils, essential oils and aromatherapy, aromatherapy books, aromatherapy, essential oils books, alternative medicine, mindfulness meditation, holistic healing, herbal medicine, happiness books, motivational books, menoopause symptoms, menopause, arthritis, asthma, anxiety and depression, massage, apple cider vinegar, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, paleo diet, weight loss after 50, high blood pressure, pregnancy books, natural healing, natural remedies, homeopathic medicine, high cholesterol, lower cholesterol naturally, belly fat diet, how to lose belly fat, health books, health book, massage, mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, acupressure, acid reflux, relaxation, motivation, motivational books, medical books, self-help books, happiness books, happiness. parenting, parenting books, lower blood pressure naturally, weight loss motivation, diet programs, diet program, ketogenic diet, anti inflammatory diet, paleo diet, smoothie recipes, low carb recipes, dash diet, yoga, meditation, massage, Reiki, tantric massage, herbal remedies, anxiety, self improvement, time management, confidence, pregnancy guides, yoga poses, yoga for beginners, home remedies, homeopathic medicine, medicinal herbs, herbal supplements, gluten free diet, paleo diet, diabetic diet, low glycemic foods, low carb diet, detox diet, fat burning foods, belly fat diet, home remedies for asthma, dry mouth treatment, dry mouth symptoms, reasons for bad breath, thinning hair, mood disorders, acne scars, acne medication, natural acne treatment, acne scar removal, pregnancy acne, natural sleep aids, sleep apnea treatment, insomnia symptoms, sleep medication, natural anxiety remedies, anxiety attack, relaxation techniques, stress relievers, ways to relieve stress, dealing with stress, breaking bad habits, addiction, overcoming addiction, social anxiety, medications for stress and anxiety

The Emergency Doctor s Guide to a Pain Free Back Fast Tips and Exercises for Healing and Relief

The Emergency Doctor s Guide to a Pain Free Back  Fast Tips and Exercises for Healing and Relief Author Melissa Yuan-Innes M D
ISBN-10 1927341655
Release 2016-04-06
Pages 212
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Most back pain books are boring. Life is short. Read this one instead. Back pain bites. It affects almost every adult in industrialized countries. Emergency physician and Medical Post columnist Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes delivers a fast-paced book, based on the most recent scientific research, on traditional and integrative ways to heal low back pain and prevent it from biting you again. An emergency doctor's fast, fun tips on causes and cures for low back pain.

The Pain Free Back

The Pain Free Back Author Harris H. McIlwain
ISBN-10 9781938120039
Release 2012-02-15
Pages 299
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Whether it results from injury, osteoporosis, or an unusually intense weekend golf game, back pain is an all-too-common cause of serious discomfort that can debilitate even your most dedicated effort to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It doesn't have to be that way. Dr. Harris H. McIlwain has devoted his career to bringing relief to sufferers of back pain and arthritis, and in THE PAIN-FREE BACK, he shares his clinically proven six-step program for achieving and maintaining a healthy back. With Dr. McIlwain as your guide, you'll be able to identify what's feeding your pain, and, more important, how to eliminate it without expensive medical procedures. This comprehensive resource includes: Resistance exercises to strengthen your back and ease pain within days of starting the program Tips for losing weight on a low-carb "pain-free" diet that helps control hunger pangs and a guide to healing foods that decrease inflammation and pain Back-friendly alternative therapies that ease pain naturally, as well as touch therapies for soothing various types of back pain Lifestyle changes such as ergonomic computer stations that reduce the stress on your back Anyone who experiences back pain will find this an essential aid to recovering a full and active life.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts Author David G. Borenstein
ISBN-10 1908541105
Release 2012
Pages 143
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Rev. ed. of: Low back pain / Robert Swezey, Andrei Calin. 2003.

Get Your Lower Back Pain under Control and Get on with Life

Get Your Lower Back Pain under Control   and Get on with Life Author Anthony H. Guarino
ISBN-10 080189946X
Release 2010-12-01
Pages 200
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Guarino encourages his own patients, "Master your pain. Reclaim your life!"

How to Get Rid of Back Pain

How to Get Rid of Back Pain Author Dr. Melvin Parsons
ISBN-10 9781105512773
Release 2013-01-10
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The back is more complicated than most of us think. We take it for granted. We lay down on it, bend it, and use it for leverage. Then when it stops working, we quickly find out how much trouble we find ourselves in without a healthy back. This highly informative e-Book offers a comprehensive look at how the back functions, what causes it go wrong sometimes, and, most importantly: What can be done to relieve pain.

Yoga for Pain Relief

Yoga for Pain Relief Author Kelly McGonigal
ISBN-10 9781572246898
Release 2009
Pages 182
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Based on the latest advances in mind-body research and the wisdom of the yoga tradition, Yoga for Pain Relief offers both a new way of thinking about the causes of suffering and practical strategies for ending it.