Boutique Baking

Boutique Baking Author Peggy Porchsen
ISBN-10 9781440223686
Release 2012-11-29
Pages 192
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Boutique Baking has an unrivalled range of recipes that combines traditional baking with chic, simple decoration. The first chapter, Sweet Treats, features all-time favorites such as Meringue Kisses and Macarons as well as Peggy's take on Cake Pops. In Beautiful Cookies there are recipes inspired by her German origins including Springerle and Mulled Wine Stars. The third chapter focuses on the most desirable cake phenomenon of the decade--the cupcake, and Peggy gives away the secrets of her incredibly scrumptious repertoire of gourmet cupcakes. The Luscious Layer Cakes chapter provides stunning ideas for sophisticated occasions while Classic Cakes & Bakes shows how to revive traditional recipes, creating gorgeous looking and delicious cakes, such as Neapolitan Marble Cake and Chocolate Battenberg. Next follows a chapter of delicious ideas for home-made drinks that perfectly accompany the preceding cakes. Last but certainly not least the book closes with The Icing on the Cake, a resource of fabulous tips, techniques and finishing touches from this leading expert baker.

Boutique baking druk 1

Boutique baking   druk 1 Author Peggy Porschen
ISBN-10 9089895620
Release 2013-02-08
Pages 192
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Boutique baking druk 1 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Boutique baking druk 1 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Boutique baking druk 1 book for free.

Boutique Wedding Cakes

Boutique Wedding Cakes Author Victoria Glass
ISBN-10 9781849756785
Release 2015-03-07
Pages 160
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An elegant wedding cake is the perfect finale to a wedding breakfast. Whether you are making a cake for your own wedding or for a friend or relative as a thoughtful gift, Boutique Wedding Cakes will show how fabulous cakes are within everyone's reach. Expert baker and sugar-crafter Victoria Glass guides you through the process - from choosing the perfect cake, baking and decorating, how to deliver and present the cake, as well as adapting the recipes to guest numbers. The Basic Techniques teach you how to achieve professional-looking results and step-by-step photography demonstrates clearly how to assemble your spectacular-looking cake. As well as practical advice there are 19 stunning designs for you to follow, ranging from Classic Elegance to cakes with A Splash of Colour, each accompanied by their own cake recipe - from a traditional fruit cake to a green tea and ginger sponge. Whatever your taste, you can create an unforgettable wedding cake that is truly unique to you - whatever your baking ability and whatever your budget.

Emma s Not So Sweet Dilemma

Emma s Not So Sweet Dilemma Author Coco Simon
ISBN-10 9781481418683
Release 2014-12-16
Pages 160
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After an errant throw from her brother ends up in a bruised, swelled nose for Emma, she loses her modeling job and thus, cannot afford the holiday gifts she intended to buy for her family and friends.

Organizational Culture in Business How to Create and Adapt to Change

Organizational Culture in Business  How to Create and Adapt to Change Author Christopher Holsberry
ISBN-10 9781329620803
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Organizational Culture in Business How to Create and Adapt to Change has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Organizational Culture in Business How to Create and Adapt to Change also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Organizational Culture in Business How to Create and Adapt to Change book for free.


Soar Author T. D. Jakes
ISBN-10 9781455553884
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 192
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You don't have to be an entrepreneur to think like one and take flight with your dreams. Too often we remain in jobs that stifle our souls and leave us on the runway of opportunity with the engine of our deepest passion stalled, watching others make their personal vision a reality and build a legacy for their children-the opposite of what God intends for us. But it's never too late to get your dreams off the ground! If you long to maximize your unique abilities and aptitudes, if you strive to combine personal fulfillment with professional satisfaction, if you dream of creating exceptional goods and offering transformative services and fulfilling God's destiny for you, then you are ready to SOAR! In SOAR! T.D. Jakes reveals how to build the uniquely personal vision within each of us into our special contribution to the world. Blending the practical business acumen of a successful, global CEO with the dynamic inspiration of a life coach, SOAR! provides the tools needed to ignite our imaginations into action and challenges us to embrace our God-given purpose as we align our character and creativity with our careers. Bridging both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, SOAR! is a practical and easy-to-follow flight plan for launching the entrepreneurial drive inside each of us. It provides an inspiring look into the mindset of people who don't wait to see what will happen but strategically build the wings that will take them to new heights. So buckle your seat belts and prepare for liftoff-you have been cleared to fly beyond your fears, to absolutely SOAR!

It Started With A Kiss

It Started With A Kiss Author Miranda Dickinson
ISBN-10 9780007387083
Release 2011-11-03
Pages 416
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Snubbed by her best friend, Rom flees from her humiliation and encounters a stranger whose kiss changes everything. Join her as she embarks on a quest to find the man of her dreams... Exclusive extra material available in this e-book edition!

Amy s Baking Year

Amy s Baking Year Author Amy-Beth Ellice
ISBN-10 9781784183455
Release 2014-11-20
Pages 300
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LEARN TO BAKE WITH BRITAIN'S YOUNGEST BAKER AND COOKERY WRITERRising star of the baking world, Amy-Beth Ellice has been cooking and baking since the tender age of three. Now, accompanied by beautiful photography, 16-year-old Amy has lovingly put together a collection of delicious recipes for every key celebration in the year in her first cookery book.This charming volume takes you on a mouthwatering journey through the seasons, providing easy-to-follow recipes from cute cupcakes, macarons, cookies, tarts and classic sponges to coconut ice, fudge, ice cream, jams and gingerbread.With afternoon tea classics, picnic recipes and party pieces to entertain, as well as ideas for seasonal gifts and bake sales, Amy's Baking Year is a celebration of time shared with family and friends.Whether you are new to baking or looking for more complex treats, Amy's collection of delights will inspire you to fire up your oven, flour your work surface and get creative. So, wooden spoons at the ready - it's time to go on a cake-filled journey with Britain's brightest and youngest baker.

The Art of Baking Blind

The Art of Baking Blind Author Sarah Vaughan
ISBN-10 9781466864283
Release 2015-05-05
Pages 416
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There are many reasons to bake: to feed; to create; to impress; to nourish; to define ourselves; and, sometimes, it has to be said, to perfect. But often we bake to fill a hunger that would be better filled by a simple gesture from a dear one. We bake to love and be loved. In 1966, Kathleen Eaden, cookbook writer and wife of a supermarket magnate, published The Art of Baking, her guide to nurturing a family by creating the most exquisite pastries, biscuits and cakes. Now, five amateur bakers are competing to become the New Mrs. Eaden. There's Jenny, facing an empty nest now that her family has flown; Claire, who has sacrificed her dreams for her daughter; Mike, trying to parent his two kids after his wife's death; Vicki, who has dropped everything to be at home with her baby boy; and Karen, perfect Karen, who knows what it's like to have nothing and is determined her facade shouldn't slip. As unlikely alliances are forged and secrets rise to the surface, making the choicest pastry seems the least of the contestants' problems. For they will learn--as Mrs. Eaden did before them--that while perfection is possible in the kitchen, it's very much harder in life, in Sarah Vaughan's The Art of Baking Blind.

Social Media Security

Social Media Security Author Michael Cross
ISBN-10 9781597499873
Release 2013-11-01
Pages 346
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Social networks, particularly public ones, have become part of the fabric of how we communicate and collaborate as a society. With value from micro-level personal networking to macro-level outreach, social networking has become pervasive in people’s lives and is now becoming a significant driving force in business. These new platforms have provided new approaches to many critical enterprise functions, including identifying, communicating, and gathering feedback with customers (e.g., Facebook, Ning); locating expertise (e.g., LinkedIn); providing new communication platforms (e.g., Twitter); and collaborating with a community, small or large (e.g., wikis). However, many organizations have stayed away from potential benefits of social networks because of the significant risks associated with them. This book will help an organization understand the risks present in social networks and provide a framework covering policy, training and technology to address those concerns and mitigate the risks presented to leverage social media in their organization. The book also acknowledges that many organizations have already exposed themselves to more risk than they think from social networking and offers strategies for "dialing it back" to retake control. Defines an organization's goals for social networking Presents the risks present in social networking and how to mitigate them Explains how to maintain continuous social networking security

Milling Baking News

Milling   Baking News Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556041091091
Release 2010
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Milling Baking News has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Milling Baking News also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Milling Baking News book for free.

The Complete Book of Home Baking Country Comfort

The Complete Book of Home Baking  Country Comfort Author Monica Musetti-Carlin
ISBN-10 9781578264414
Release 2012-09-25
Pages 240
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Country Comfort’s Complete Book of Home Baking is a keepsake recipe collection featuring a diverse selection of traditional and international baked favorites. Whether you’re baking for a holiday or are looking for a tasty dessert for a family dinner, this cookbook has everything you need to create heartfelt and memorable food traditions. The Complete Book of Home Baking includes over 100 delicious recipes and accompanying anecdotes from cooks across the country. From savory quiches and tarts to sweet cookies and cakes, The Complete Book of Home Baking is sure to provide you and your family with an endless variety of recipes for all occasions. Some of the wonderful recipes featured in The Complete Book of Home Baking include Traditional Apple Pie, Creamy Chocolate Mint Brownies, Italian Cassata Cream Cake, Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins, Rustic Three Cheese Tart, Nova Scotia Seafood Quiche, Challah Bread, Whole-Wheat Raisin Bread, and many more! The Complete Book of Home Baking also includes: • Bonus all-purpose recipes for cakes, frostings, and crusts • Tips and tricks for making common baked goods such as muffins, breads, and cookies • Essentials to stock in your kitchen to help you make delicious baked dishes at a moment’s notice • A customized meal and menu planner • And more... Eating at home saves money, strengthens family bonds, and allows for creativity in cooking. Whether you’re a beginner who prefers easy-to-follow recipes or an experienced chef looking to expand your culinary horizons, Country Comfort’s Complete Book of Home Baking is your go-to guide for flavorful and timeless recipes.


Magpie Author Holly Ricciardi
ISBN-10 9780762458059
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 240
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Magpie celebrates Philadelphia's own “pie boutique” by the same name: move over, cheesesteak! The book covers their beloved sweet and savory pies, hand pies, pot pies, and pie shakes, all of them fine-tuned to exacting standards for the home baker with lots of step-by-step instruction for that all-important crust. Recipes include sweets like Cranberry Curd Mini Meringue Pies, Blueberry Rhuby Rose Pie, Trail Mix Oatmeal Pie, and Nutella Florentine Pie, and savories like Summer Squash Pie, Ham Leek Dijon Potpies, and Shepherd's Potpies with Cauliflower Mash. If you'd like to turn your slice into a shake, the Cafe Mocha Pie is a great choice. With more than 90 great recipes and beautiful full-color photography throughout, this delectable cookbook is a pie-lover's dream.

Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube Author Kir Jensen
ISBN-10 9781452120164
Release 2012-07-20
Pages 144
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This covetable cookbook is a greatest hits collection from Sugar Cube, a tiny pink food cart in Portland, Oregon, that is thronged daily by hungry hordes craving voluptuous sweets intensified with a spike of booze, a lick of sea salt, or a "whoop" of whipped cream. Sugar Cube founder and baker Kir Jensen left the fine dining pastry track to sell her handmade treats on the street. Recipes for 50 of Kir's most enticing cupcakes, cookies, tarts, muffins, sips, and candies are made more irresistible (if possible!) by 32 delicious color photographs. Sassy headnotes and illustrations that resemble vintage tattoos liven up this singular boutique baking book.

Damon Lee Fowler s New Southern Baking

Damon Lee Fowler s New Southern Baking Author Damon Lee Fowler
ISBN-10 9780743250580
Release 2005
Pages 360
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The culinary master behind "Classical Southern Cooking" presents 160 mouthwatering recipes that capture the authentic flavors of the South for today's home cook. Full-color photos.

Clinton St Baking Company Cookbook

Clinton St  Baking Company Cookbook Author DeDe Lahman
ISBN-10 9780316123150
Release 2010-11-08
Pages 300
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The Clinton St. Baking Company is one of the hottest brunch spots in a city obsessed with brunch. A tiny thirty-two-seat eatery on Manhattan's trendy Lower East Side, the restaurant draws long lines of customers who come from far and wide to sample fresh-baked goods, hearty omelets, sugar-cured bacon, and light-as-air pancakes with maple butter. In the Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook, owners DeDe Lahman and Neil Kleinberg share more than 100 treasured recipes that have made their restaurant a sensation. Learn the secret to their house-made buttermilk biscuits and tomato jam, irresistible muffins and scones, delicious soups and sandwiches, and their decadent, eye-catching desserts. Helpful techniques, like Neil's patented omelet "flip and tuck," and gorgeous color photographs throughout will have readers cooking like pros in no time, and sharing the delicious results.

Raising the Next Generation

Raising the Next Generation Author Chuck Clifton
ISBN-10 9780595223299
Release 2002-04-01
Pages 204
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