Multichip Module Technologies and Alternatives The Basics

Multichip Module Technologies and Alternatives  The Basics Author Daryl Ann Doane
ISBN-10 0442012365
Release 1992-10-31
Pages 875
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Far from being the passive containers for semiconductor devices of the past, the packages in today's high performance computers pose numerous challenges in interconnecting, powering, cooling and protecting devices. While semiconductor circuit performance measured in picoseconds continues to improve, computer performance is expected to be in nanoseconds for the rest of this century -a factor of 1000 difference between on-chip and off-chip performance which is attributable to losses associated with the package. Thus the package, which interconnects all the chips to form a particular function such as a central processor, is likely to set the limits on how far computers can evolve. Multichip packaging, which can relax these limits and also improve the reliability and cost at the systems level, is expected to be the basis of all advanced computers in the future. In addition, since this technology allows chips to be spaced more closely, in less space and with less weight, it has the added advantage of being useful in portable consumer electronics as well as in medical, aerospace, automotive and telecommunications products. The multichip technologies with which these applications can be addressed are many. They range from ceramics to polymer-metal thin films to printed wiring boards for interconnections; flip chip, TAB or wire bond for chip-to-substrate connections; and air or water cooling for the removal of heat.

Nurse on Board Planning Your Path to the Boardroom

Nurse on Board  Planning Your Path to the Boardroom Author Connie Curran
ISBN-10 9781938835926
Release 2015-09-22
Pages 200
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The nurse's voice is essential and critical to the governance of healthcare organizations. After all, nurses represent the largest professional group in healthcare, account for the greatest human resources expense, and—most importantly—are closest to patients and their families, physicians, and the community. But why do nurses hold only a small fraction of positions on healthcare boards? It’s time that NURSES get on boards! With years of board leadership to her credit, author Connie Curran expertly provides the tools you need to attain and succeed in your first board role—or advance into ever-greater board responsibilities. Nurse on Board skillfully guides readers by sharing: Best practices, data, and advice from seasoned board leaders Explanations of different types of boards, how they work, and the required skills and experiences How boards recruit new members and how you can best position yourself as a candidate How to develop, nurture, and leverage your personal and professional networks to ensure you are on the radar screen when board roles become available

Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 4

Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 4 Author Aaron Kyro
ISBN-10 9780991145348
Release 2014-11-15
Pages 21
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Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 4 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 4 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 4 book for free.

The Basics for Successful Deer Hunting

The Basics for Successful Deer Hunting Author J. K. Miller
ISBN-10 9781477270097
Release 2010-11-04
Pages 108
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POne of the most complete deer hunting books ever written, “The Basics for Successful Deer Hunting ©” is an easy to read book for people who would like to learn how to hunt whitetail deer with a gun and for experienced hunters who want to improve their hunting skills and success. The book contains over 70 color photographs and focuses on safety, marksmanship and hunting. As one experienced whitetail deer hunter said, “It is more than just a book; it is a user’s guide”. “The Basics of Deer Hunting ©” covers: • Safety • Choosing the right camouflage clothing and hunting equipment • Selecting the correct guns and ammunition • How to become proficient at marksmanship • Different types of hunting areas • Deer characteristics and patterns • Food sources for deer • How to scout the woods to find deer signs • When, where, and how to prepare food plots and build deer stands • Various methods of hunting deer • Using Deer calls, rattling, and products to attract deer • The best technique to shoot a deer • How to recover, process, and mount your deer • Different ways to prepare and cook your deer meat Visit us at

Bulletin Board Basics

Bulletin Board Basics Author Jeannine Perez
ISBN-10 1878727095
Release 1991
Pages 96
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Four complete science units build around exciting, interactive bulletin boards.

Video basics 4

Video basics 4 Author Zettl
ISBN-10 0534612466
Release 2003-07-01
Pages 418
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Video basics 4 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Video basics 4 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Video basics 4 book for free.

Antitrust Basics

Antitrust Basics Author Thomas V. Vakerics
ISBN-10 1588520323
Release 2015-06-28
Pages 900
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This book anticipates virtually every antitrust issue you can expect to face, including: horizontal and vertical restraints; joint ventures; private treble damage actions; price fixing; and more.

Business Separation Transactions Spin Offs Subsidiary IPs and Tracking Stock

Business Separation Transactions Spin Offs  Subsidiary IPs and Tracking Stock Author
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Business Separation Transactions Spin Offs Subsidiary IPs and Tracking Stock has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Business Separation Transactions Spin Offs Subsidiary IPs and Tracking Stock also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Business Separation Transactions Spin Offs Subsidiary IPs and Tracking Stock book for free.

MGH Cardiology Board Review

MGH Cardiology Board Review Author Hanna K. Gaggin
ISBN-10 9781447144830
Release 2013-08-26
Pages 633
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MGH Cardiology Board Review is intended for physicians studying for the Cardiology Board Examination (Initial Certification or Re-certification) and for any busy practitioners who would like to review high-yield cardiology such as those in cardiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, family practice, or even surgery. Designed for those on the go, each section is meant to be completed in 30 minutes; and at 30 minutes a day, the reader will have a complete overview of up-to-date information in 30 days. Each section has a concise didactic followed by a questions section with an identical format to the Cardiovascular Board Examination of the American Board of Internal Medicine.This book is from the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Cardiology Division, one of the most respected cardiology programs in the world and is its first Cardiology review book.

Printed Circuit Board Designer s Reference

Printed Circuit Board Designer s Reference Author Christopher T. Robertson
ISBN-10 0130674818
Release 2004
Pages 264
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PCB design instruction and reference manual, all in one book!In-depth explanation of the processes and tools used in modern PCB designStandards, formulas, definitions, and procedures, plus software to tie it all together Buy it to learn, but keep it as a valued reference tool! Printed circuit boards (PCBs) literally form the backbone of electronic devices. The electronics industry continues its spread into every aspect of modern life, yet surprisingly little written material exists about PCB standards and design. At the same time, the industry is beginning to feel the effects of a lack of new designers entering the field! To address this situation, PCB design authority Christopher T. Robertson wrote "Printed Circuit Board Designer's Reference: Basics." This book teaches the essentials of PCB design the same standards and techniques used in the field, but collected in one place. You'll learn most of the key design techniques in use today, and be in the perfect position to learn the more advanced methods when you're ready. On the job, "Printed Circuit Board Designer's Reference: Basics" will continue to serve as an indispensable reference source filled with tables, charts, and task checklists you'll definitely want to keep on hand. Rounding out the book is a valuable software package DR Resource (Designer's Reference Resource) a multifunction calculator that manages the day-to-day activities of the PCB designer, performs project management functions, and keeps vital documentation and standards data right at your fingertips. Inside you'll find: Thorough coverage of PCB design tools and techniquesTools for everyday calculations, useful tables, quick reference charts, and a full checklist covering the entire design processClear explanations of where values come from, how to use and adjust them, and much more This book was written for new designers looking for a solid foundation in PCB design, although designers with more experience will find the reference material, software, and explanations of the values that manufacturers use invaluable as well. "

Cooking Basics For Dummies

Cooking Basics For Dummies Author Marie Rama
ISBN-10 9781118922323
Release 2014-10-13
Pages 456
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Get started cooking now with Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5th Edition! Are you looking to dig yourself out of microwave dinners and learn the ropes of home cooking? Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5th Edition takes the intimidation out of cooking and helps you start cultivating your culinary prowess in no time. From learning fundamental cooking techniques like dicing, chopping, and saut?ing to creating delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, you'll discover how to cook up crowd-pleasing meals the whole family will enjoy—all without breaking a sweat! Even if you've never cracked an egg, this friendly, practical guide gives you all the ingredients to become a superior home cook. In plain English, it explains step-by-step how to master popular cooking techniques, such as dicing vegetables, hard boiling an egg, making quick and delicious sauces, planning menus, stocking your pantry, and so much more. Packed with more than 150 easy-to-follow recipes for every meal of the day, from mouth-watering mains to sumptuous sides to delectable desserts Helps you master grilling, slow cooking, baking, roasting, pressure cooking, and more Includes tips on adapting meals to meet the latest dietary trends, such as low-sugar, low-sodium, low-fat, plant-based, and vegetarian diets Covers shopping at farmer's markets and buying organic foods Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5th edition is for every beginner cook or polished chef looking for a refresher on breathing new life into home-cooked meals.

Jimmy Carter as Educational Policymaker

Jimmy Carter as Educational Policymaker Author Deanna L. Michael
ISBN-10 9780791477908
Release 2008-08-21
Pages 199
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Analyzes educational reform in the second half of the twentieth century through the political career of Jimmy Carter and his influence on educational policy.

Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation

Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation Author Y. Ian Noy
ISBN-10 9780203490297
Release 2004-12-28
Pages 816
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Using ergonomics in forensics can help prevent the recurrence of system failures through engineering or administrative controls. It can also raise the level of concern among professionals and the public regarding product, workplace, and service safety due to perceived exposure to liability. Even with such a potentially important and broad impact, forensic human factors is a subject that is neither taught nor systematically practiced. There is little documentation to help develop a knowledge of the field in a systematic way, nor is there a large pool of qualified practitioners. The Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation provides a comprehensive reference that provides the tools necessary for the preparation, analysis, and presentation of forensic evidence. Compiled by experienced, internationally respected authors, this handbook represents the state-of-the-art in the application of ergonomics to forensic investigation. It contains information on the litigation process, forensic approaches and methods, important scientific data in the major application areas, and valuable case studies. For legal and forensic practitioners, this handbook will serve as an indispensable reference and as the foundation for further development of formal study in the field. For product and workplace designers and managers, it is a useful tool in the management of exposure to liability.

Praxiswissen WordPress O Reillys Basics

Praxiswissen WordPress  O Reillys Basics Author Olivia Adler
ISBN-10 9783897216648
Release 2011-05-31
Pages 296
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WordPress erfreut sich unter Bloggern seit Jahren großer Beliebtheit. Die Open Source-Software ist dafür bekannt, dass sie auch ohne umfassende technische Kenntnisse leicht zu handhaben ist. Darüber hinaus gibt es eine große Unterstützer-Community, die bei Fragen weiterhilft und selbst entwickelte Layouts und Erweiterungen zur Verfügung stellt. Dieses Buch beschreibt praxisnah, wie Sie ein Blog mit WordPress aufsetzen, mit eigenen Inhalten füllen und Ihren Vorstellungen gemäß gestalten. Das Buch wurde für die zweite Auflage komplett überarbeitet und basiert auf WordPress 3.1. WordPress installieren und konfigurieren Lassen Sie sich Schritt für Schritt durch die Installation von WordPress leiten und schneiden Sie die Blogsoftware auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse zu. Das Blog einrichten: Ein WordPress-Blog können Sie komfortabel aus dem Browser heraus pflegen und mit Ihren Inhalten bestücken. Machen Sie sich mit der Kommandozentrale von WordPress, dem Dashboard, vertraut und lernen Sie, wie Sie Blogbeiträge anlegen und dann Texte, Bilder und Filme einbinden. Interaktiv werden: Blogs leben von der Vernetzung mit anderen. WordPress unterstützt Sie bei der Interaktion mit Ihren Lesern – sei es über Kommentare, eine Blogroll, RSS-Feeds oder Trackbacks. Plugins und Themes nutzen: Eine der großen Stärken der Blogsoftware liegt darin, dass es unzählige Erweiterungen und Layouts gibt, die frei im Netz verfügbar sind. So lassen sich bestimmte technische Features problemlos ergänzen oder die Gestaltung des Blogs mithilfe sogenannter Themes im Handumdrehen ändern. Vom Blog zur Website: WordPress ist inzwischen weit mehr als eine einfache Blog-Software, und so ist es keine Überraschung, dass es sogar zur Realisierung umfangreicherer Websites zum Einsatz kommt. Lernen Sie die Stärken von WordPress als Content-Management-System kennen und richten Sie Ihre Website so ein, dass sie auch von einem Redaktionsteam gepflegt werden kann.

Nuclear Cardiology The Basics

Nuclear Cardiology  The Basics Author Frans J. Th. Wackers
ISBN-10 9781592594269
Release 2003-09-11
Pages 298
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In the United States the performance of nuclear cardiology studies continues to increase. As an example, in 1998, 4,160,739 myocardial perfusion imaging st- ies were done. In 2001 this number increased to 5,679,258. The nonhospital performance of perfusion imaging increased over the same time period from 1,188,731 to 1,789,207 studies (Arlington Medical Resources data). In 1999, there were approximately 1300 nonhospital sites with nuclear imaging capabi- ties, of which 600 were in physician’s offices. By 2001, there were approximately 1700 nonhospital sites, of which 780 were in physician’s offices (from IMV, LTD: The growth of nuclear cardiology as an expanded outpatient laboratory ent- prise is readily apparent. In the United States, as well as in other parts of the world, this growth has been linked to the recognition of the ability of cardiologists to perform these studies. The certification examination in nuclear cardiology is now well established in the United States. Accreditation of laboratories is also well established. Over the years, some of the most frequent questions asked by our former trainees relate to practical issues involved in the establishment of a nuclear cardiology laboratory. In view of the growth of the field, this is certainly not surprising.

Investment Criteria for Mutual Fund Selection

Investment Criteria for Mutual Fund Selection Author Jan Harkopf
ISBN-10 9783960670766
Release 2016-10
Pages 92
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The importance of mutual funds for individual investors has increased in recent decades. This becomes apparent when looking at the increased share of households owning mutual funds. These mutual fund investors usually want to receive a return which is above or at least close to the mutual fund’s benchmark. Consequently, investors want to invest in those funds which will show these patterns in the future. Some of these mutual funds receive much attention, since they generate extraordinary high performance. But the question that remains is whether it is possible to predict such performance before funds exhibit such outstanding performance. In the past, mutual fund investors focused extensively on performance or performance linked patterns, like the Morningstar star rating, and thus chased past performance. This seems surprising since performance persists only over a short time and is more persistent to weak mutual funds (1 and 2 star rated) than well performing mutual funds. Thus, chasing past performances seems to be a rather inferior strategy. Therefore, investors should try to identify alternative tools showing a high correlation to future mutual fund performance. In this book, mutual funds are analysed, especially open-end mutual funds and actively managed mutual funds. The main focus is on what purpose and usefulness active investments have and whether performance is persistent and what the determinants of mutual fund flows are. Moreover, some alternative measures will be introduced by explaining which attributes or methods should be used and avoided when selecting mutual funds.

Math Basics 4

Math Basics 4 Author Barbara Bando Irvin
ISBN-10 0887431402
Release 1997-06-01
Pages 64
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Math Basics 4 includes the most important elements of the fourth grade math curriculum and the skills that cause children the most difficulty. This workbook may be used to introduce maintain or review skills. Principles and Standards for School Mathematics published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) was used as a guide in writing this book. Ages 8-9