Bicycle Diaries

Bicycle Diaries Author David Byrne
ISBN-10 9780571256006
Release 2010-06-03
Pages 320
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Since the early 1980s, David Byrne has been riding a bicycle as his principal means of transportation in New York City. A few years later he discovered folding bikes, and starting taking them with him on music tour overseas, and experienced a sense of liberation as he pedalled around many of the world's principal cities. The view from his bike seat has given Byrne a panoramic window on urban life over the last thirty years as he has cycled round cities such as London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Manila, New York, Detroit and San Francisco. From music and the visual arts, to globalisation, politics, the nature of creative work, fashion and art, this book gives the reader an incredible insight into what Byrne is seeing and thinking as he pedals around these cities. Filled with intimate photographs, incredible musical stories and a powerful ecological message, this is an enchanting celebration of bike riding and of the rewards of seeing the world at bike level. David Byrne is a co-founding member of the musical group Talking Heads. He has produced many solo albums and collaborated with such noted artists as Twyla Tharp, Robert Wilson and Brian Eno. He has received Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

Bicycle Diaries

Bicycle Diaries Author David Byrne
ISBN-10 3596185688
Release 2016-07-28
Pages 368
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Bicycle Diaries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bicycle Diaries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bicycle Diaries book for free.


Latinoamericana Author Che Guevara
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173001163082
Release 1994
Pages 172
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Latinoamericana has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Latinoamericana also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Latinoamericana book for free.

The Bicycle Diaries

The Bicycle Diaries Author David Kroodsma
ISBN-10 0991461606
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 426
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Climate researcher David Kroodsma dreamed of bicycling down his driveway in Palo Alto, California, and pedaling for months until he reached the tip of South America. When he finally planned his trip, he wanted more than just adventure; he also wanted to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on the countries he would explore. So he set out on a well-packed bicycle with a business card, a laptop, and an eagerness to share his knowledge. His project, Ride for Climate, caught on; he gave over 100 school and assembly presentations, garnered dozens of newspaper accounts of his journey, and appeared on international television. During nearly two years of travel, Kroodsma witnessed the world from a seat of a bicycle. He traversed unique ecosystems, coastline settlements, and glaciated mountains. "While biking," he writes, "no windshield protects you from the rain, heat, or wind, and no wall divides you from the people along the road." Countless people, from subsistence farmers to petroleum engineers, sheltered him and shared their stories. These experiences transformed and personalized his understanding of climate change, and in The Bicycle Diaries, Kroodsma shares these unexpected insights through a gripping travel narrative.

The Bicycle Diaries

The Bicycle Diaries Author Richard Goodman
ISBN-10 0978772474
Release 2011
Pages 108
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The Bicycle Diaries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Bicycle Diaries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Bicycle Diaries book for free.

The Bicycle Diaries

The Bicycle Diaries Author Denis J. Blaise
ISBN-10 1478711949
Release 2013-07
Pages 190
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THE BICYCLE DIARIES - (Mostly) Light-Hearted War Stories of a Non-Combatant is the true story of a farm family's trials and tribulations as they strive to stay alive during WW II. It takes place near Bastogne, in the Ardennes forest of southern Belgium, where the Screaming Eagles of the 82nd and 101st Airborne, of Band of Brothers fame, held the "hole in the doughnut" while the German SS troops ravaged the countryside during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. The Bicycle recounts the tale with humor and suspense and is an active participant in the life of the family. The growing kid spends so much time with his mother' Bicycle that it becomes as real and alive as an imaginary pal. The use of such a literary device to tell the author's memories in the third person avoids many of the pitfalls of personal memoirs. It does not take away, however, from the fears, courage and accomplishments of these simple folks, representative of millions more, for whom life went on, had to go on, regardless of the fighting madness taking place around them.

A New York Memoir

A New York Memoir Author Richard Goodman
ISBN-10 9781351534789
Release 2017-07-12
Pages 142
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A New York Memoir is about a life lived in New York City over a period of thirty years. The memoir begins in 1975, with author Richard Goodman's arrival in New York, an intimidated newcomer. It follows him through the years as he encounters some of the remarkable people one meets in New York, while harkening back to the inspiration the city provides, especially for artists and young writers. The memoir follows the author as he witnesses tragedies and then ruminates on growing old in New York. It tells of the joys and the difficulties of living in this remarkable city. A New York Memoir is, essentially, a long love letter to the city. Like all great loves, this volume reflects passion, promise, hope, pain, regret and, ultimately, the author's pride. This includes true stories of love, work, marriage, raising a child, becoming a writer, death, and friendship. Most of the stories in this effort take place there; those that do not are highly influenced by New York. The author has seen New York at its best and at its worst, when was it rich and freewheeling and when it fell on hard times and almost collapsed. He's seen it grievously wounded, and seen it pick itself back up again with the help of the entire world and with its own limitless moxie. This is a very personal story set against the backdrop of a massive city of unmatchable energy and of sheer, brute authority and inspiration. The book ends with a long remembrance of the author's mother who came to New York after many travails and was rescued by the city. This is the story of Richard Goodman's encounter with New York. **See Richard Goodman read an excerpt from A New York Memoir titled, "Elegy for an English Bike," here. ""

Passione Celeste

Passione Celeste Author Mark Pritchard
ISBN-10 9781788039321
Release 2017-12-05
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Shares long-distance cycling adventures in this highly entertaining and personal story. Blends the love of cycling with engaging accounts of people and places encountered. Explains the history and growth of the iconic Bianchi bicycle brand. On his third birthday, Mark was given a tricycle. Thus began a lifelong journey pedalling everywhere he could. In his teens Mark discovered the joys of long-distance cycling and the freedom a Bianchi bicycle could provide. Nowadays he rides around 15,000 miles each year with his Bianchi family. Passione Celeste is the story of some of Mark’s recent rides, including a 1,000 mile tour from Land’s End to John O’Groats as well as tours in Italy and the Pyrenees. At the heart of Mark’s story is his love affair with his family of Bianchi bikes. Passione Celestetakes a look at the history and growth of Bianchi and explains why the bikes have acquired a unique place in cycling around the world. It is about the places he visited, the stories he discovered there and the interesting characters he met along the way. Mark’s story gets inside Bianchi’s DNA giving it a new and unique perspective. That is the Passione Celeste of this engaging and entertaining love story.

The motorcycle diaries

The motorcycle diaries Author Che Guevara
ISBN-10 3462034499
Release 2004
Pages 178
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The motorcycle diaries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The motorcycle diaries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The motorcycle diaries book for free.

Southeastern Geographer

Southeastern Geographer Author David M. Cochran Jr.
ISBN-10 9780807872598
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 160
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Table of Contents for Volume 52, Number 2 (Summer 2012) Cover Art: Southern Maryland Tobacco Barn Richard A. Russo Introduction David M. Cochran, Jr. and Carl A. Reese Part I: Papers ''Where Can I Build My Student Housing?'': The Politics of Studentification in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Graham Pickren The Making of the Piano Bar: Landscape, Art, and Discourse in Biscayne Bay Robert J. Kruse, II An Analysis of Differential Migration Patterns in the Black Belt and the New South Shrinidhi Ambinakudige, Domenico Parisi, and Steven M. Grice An Examination of Municipal Annexation Methods in North Carolina, 1990–2009 Russell M. Smith The 16 April 2011 EF3 Tornado in Greene County, Eastern North Carolina Thomas M. Rickenbach Transforming Mount Airy into Mayberry: Film-Induced Tourism as Place-Making Derek H. Alderman, Stefanie K. Benjamin, and Paige P. Schneider Part II: Reviews Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne Reviewed by Scott Brady The Battle for North Carolina's Coast: Evolutionary History, Present Crisis, and Vision for the Future by Stanley R. Riggs, Dorothea V. Ames, Stephen J. Culver, and David J. Mallinson Reviewed by Douglas W. Gamble

Zen und die Kunst ein Motorrad zu warten

Zen und die Kunst  ein Motorrad zu warten Author Robert M. Pirsig
ISBN-10 9783104028484
Release 2013-04-11
Pages 448
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»Dieses Buch bietet eine andere, ernsthaftere Alternative zum materiellen Erfolg an. Das heißt, es ist eigentlich weniger eine Alternative als viel-mehr eine Ausweitung der Bedeutung von ›Erfolg‹ auf etwas Größeres als das bloße Bemühen, eine gute Stellung zu finden und sich nichts zuschulden kommen zu lassen. Und auch etwas Größeres als bloße Freiheit. Es setzt ein positives Ziel, auf das man hinarbeiten kann, das einen aber nicht einengt. Das, so scheint mir, ist der Hauptgrund für den Erfolg des Buches. Es traf sich, daß die ganze Kultur genau nach dem auf der Suche war, was dieses Buch anzubieten hat.« Robert M. Pirsig

Foreign Eyes

Foreign Eyes Author Emmeline Besamusca
ISBN-10 9789085550457
Release 2011
Pages 140
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Every year hundreds of students from all over the world come to study in Utrecht. On the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the founding of Utrecht University, foreign students and alumni were invited to reflect on Dutch culture as they had experienced it in their university years there. This book collects the best of the essays they wrote; the result is a unique and fascinating contribution to the study of Dutch culture. These essays offer not only an intimate portrait of the students' experiences, but also a fresh perspective on the remarkable, frustrating, and fascinating features of Dutch culture.

Talking Heads Fear Of Music

Talking Heads   Fear Of Music Author Jonathan Lethem
ISBN-10 9783608107197
Release 2014-07-19
Pages 160
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Für Jonathan Lethem ist Fear of Music (das dritte Album der Talking Heads und das erste, das von Brian Eno produziert wurde) ein Meisterwerk – ausgefallen, paranoid, funky, süchtigmachend, rhythmisch, eingängig, schauderhaft und spaßig. Wie ein Besessener analysiert er die Songs, den Gitarrensound, den Rhythmus, die Texte, die äußere Aufmachung, die Ursprünge der Band aus Downtown New York und ihr musikalisches Erbe. Dabei bezieht er sich auf Theorien, Erzählliteratur und Erinnerungen und platziert das Album neben Größen wie Fritz Lang, Edgar Allan Poe, Patti Smith und David Foster Wallace. Er entführt uns in das New York der 1970er Jahre – und immer mit dem Blick darauf, wie sich unser Sinn für Kunst verändert. »Talking Heads – Fear of Music« ist das virtuose Stück eines Schriftstellers, der uns eine seiner größten Leidenschaften nahebringt.

Life Is a Wheel

Life Is a Wheel Author Bruce Weber
ISBN-10 9781451695038
Release 2014-03-18
Pages 352
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Life Is a Wheel chronicles the cross-country bicycle trip Bruce Weber made at the age of fifty-seven, an “entertaining travel story filled with insightful thoughts about life, family, and aging” (The Associated Press). During the summer and fall of 2011, Bruce Weber, an obituary writer for The New York Times, bicycled across the country, alone, and wrote about it as it unfolded. Life Is a Wheel is the witty, inspiring, and reflective diary of his journey, in which the challenges and rewards of self-reliance and strenuous physical effort yield wry and incisive observations about cycling and America, not to mention the pleasures of a three-thousand-calorie breakfast. The story begins on the Oregon coast, with Weber wondering what he’s gotten himself into, and ends in triumph on New York City’s George Washington Bridge. From Going-to-the-Sun Road in the northern Rockies to the headwaters of the Mississippi and through the cityscapes of Chicago and Pittsburgh, his encounters with people and places provide us with an intimate, two-wheeled perspective of America. And with thousands of miles to travel, Weber considers his past, his family, and the echo that a well-lived life leaves behind. Part travelogue, part memoir, part romance, part paean to the bicycle—and part bemused and panicky account of a middle-aged man’s attempt to stave off, well, you know—Life Is a Wheel is “a book for cyclists, and for anyone who has ever dreamed of such transcontinental travels. But it also should prove enlightening, soul-stirring, even, to those who don’t care a whit about bikes but who care about the way people connect” (The Philadelphia Inquirer).

Das Rosie Projekt

Das Rosie Projekt Author Graeme Simsion
ISBN-10 9783104026824
Release 2013-12-23
Pages 352
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Der Weltbestseller mit Humor und Gefühl: die romantische Komödie ›Das Rosie-Projekt‹ von Graeme Simsion Don Tillman will heiraten. Allerdings findet er menschliche Beziehungen oft höchst verwirrend und irrational. Was tun? Don entwickelt das Ehefrau-Projekt: Mit einem 16-seitigen Fragebogen will er auf wissenschaftlich exakte Weise die ideale Frau finden. Also keine, die raucht, trinkt, unpünktlich oder Veganerin ist. Und dann kommt Rosie. Unpünktlich, Barkeeperin, Raucherin. Offensichtlich ungeeignet. Aber Rosie verfolgt ihr eigenes Projekt: Sie sucht ihren biologischen Vater. Dafür braucht sie Dons Kenntnisse als Genetiker. Ohne recht zu verstehen, wie ihm geschieht, lernt Don staunend die Welt jenseits beweisbarer Fakten kennen und stellt fest: Gefühle haben ihre eigene Logik.

Das magische Gef hl unverwundbar zu sein

Das magische Gef  hl  unverwundbar zu sein Author Che Guevara
ISBN-10 3462032356
Release 2003
Pages 158
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Das magische Gef hl unverwundbar zu sein has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das magische Gef hl unverwundbar zu sein also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das magische Gef hl unverwundbar zu sein book for free.


Dugout Author Terry Allen
ISBN-10 0292706863
Release 2005-06-01
Pages 274
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Poetry, prose and images of two-three dimensional artworks.also contains CD of author's work.